Where Have All the Prophets Gone?

Posted by Unknown Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's message focused upon the role of Prophets.

Prophets are those persons who speak to the people for God. While God is certainly capable of speaking for Himself. He uses prophets to help humankind understand God's word, God's will and God's way.

In the Book of Amos you will find him telling the religious persons of his day that God wouldn't accept your burnt offerings and sacrifices until judgment roll down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream.

Amos also sees God holding a plumb line to illustrate that the people of Israel are out of sync, out of relationship and out of order with God.

This is the function of the plumb line to measure the extent to which one is out of alignment with God.

Where are the modern day prophets who hold up God's plumb line to measure how individuals, institutions, and governments are out of sync, out of relationship and out of order with God?


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