Carmelo and "Mr. Speedy"

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carmelo Anthony will sign with the New York Knicks and take his game to Madison Square Garden. Truly a Baltimorean who has made it to the big time, while he is in his prime. For those of us who watched him play and grow up, the sub-story is about Mr. Freddie "Speedy" Shelton. "Speedy" was a fixture at the Cloverdale Basketball Courts. He spent his life mentoring and befriending young athletes and advising them on how to avoid the pitfalls of inner city life. He had a network of coaches and colleagues at every level to guide potential athletes in their careers. A word from "Speedy" got you on elite AAU teams, onto the top High School squads, and his recommendation would land you into college. One of "Speedy's" projects was a young man from West Baltimore, Carmelo Anthony. He loved Carmelo and Carmelo loved him in return. Carmelo listened to Mr. Speedy. Carmelo played in front of large crowds at Coverdale. Anyone who mattered would watch the young athletes play there during the summer. Carmelo followed Mr. Speedy's advice and went to Towson Catholic where his friend, Mike Daniels was the coach. At Towson Catholic, Carmelo's legend grew as a basketball player and his talents became evident. Throughout his development, Mr. Speedy was a constant in Carmelo's life. He advised Carmelo to go to Oak Academy. From Oak Academy, Carmelo when to Syracuse University. He won a national championship there in his first year. Then drafted by the Denver Nuggets, he spend eight years honing his skills and became an NBA star player. Speedy talked with him constantly. Speedy was his friend. Early in his career at Denver, Carmelo experienced some difficulties. Growing up poor and now becoming famous and wealthy was a hurdle he had to overcome. Unfortunately, Mr. Speedy had gone to be with the Lord and was no longer there to provide him with the needed advice as Carmelo was moving from a local hero to an international star. Nevertheless, Carmelo has done it his way. Now he goes to the Big Apple. The song says, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, New York, New York, New York. His charismatic personality, illuminating style, and tremendous talent will propel him even further as a marketing and basketball machine with unlimited potential to be successful and wealthy. All because he is getting the best out of his God given talent and along the way a man named, "Mr. Speedy" steered him in the right direction.


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