Symbols of Love: Hearts and Roses

Posted by Unknown Saturday, February 12, 2011

"You have forsaken your first love." Revelation 2:4 (NIV)

As our hearts and minds turn towards Valentine's Day. A day that we in a secular sense give tokens of our affection to people we love. Those tokens are in the form of jewelry, candy, flowers, etc. Individuals measure the extent to which one loves them by the value of the token given. I believe that is unfortunate because matters of the heart are invaluable. As a result how do you place a value on affection and true love?

One knows love in all of its dimensions. One can feel love at every level in which it is presented. One can express love through methods greater than words. Love is a universal language. Love is powerful indeed.

For people of faith, God is love. The very essence of the Divine is an expression of love.

The challenge this morning is found in the Revelation text cited above: Have you forsaken your first love?

Your first love is Him who spoke you into existence, who breathed the breathe of life into your being, and who lit the spark of life in your body.

Your first love sacrificed Himself for you and made an everlasting covenant with you.

Your first love desires the best for you and seek to find you in His favor.

In the press of everyday life and the tension of our mortal existence, have you forsaken or forgotten your first love - God?

At some cognitive level, you may say I always think about God. But I'm talking about the commitment level. The level where one yields the nerve center of your consent to God such that your yielding means more than if you live or die.

Have you given yourself totally to the God who has made you?

Do you give Him continuous praise and adoration?

Do you love God?

Well the good news is, "God loves you!!!!"


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