Dr. Barbara L. Shaw

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While the nation is mourning the lost of Dr. Dorothy Height, a committed native Baltimorean is providing leadership on the national and international level in the area of African American Women's rights.

I commend Dr. Barbara L. Shaw, General President Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society Of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, for being designated the Interim Board Chairperson of the National Council of Negro Women.

She represents one of the finest leaders in the Christian movement. She her work now carries her into the field of Civil Rights, she is in my prayers as she prepares our country and the world for the next generation leadership in the fine tradition established by Dr. Height.

Mr. Nelson Mandela

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Celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90 birthday is Opah in South Africa. Mr. Mandela is a true international statesman. He demonstrated to us on a national stage the power of commitment to the cause of freedom. I remember fondly his statement when he was elected President and the people where dancing in the street. He commented that the people dancing was not a symbol of freedom but just a sign that they were loose. Being loose and being free are too distinctively different state of being. When we learn the difference that when true freedom becomes a reality. Happy Birthday Mr. Nelson Mandela.

Dear God all around us the spring season speaks to life undergoing breakthroughs. Flowers, tree leaves, and all the earth is busting into a new cycle of life's energy. It appears that your power requires life to break from old circumstances, situations and predicaments into new possibilities. Scripture reminds us that "morning by morning new mercies I see." We pray for a breakthrough in our lives. A breakthrough from anything or anyone that holds us in bondage to yesterday. A breakthrough from old habits that force us to repeat dangerous lifestyles. A breakthrough from old thoughts that hamper us from thinking on "those things that are lovely and thinking on those things that are pure." If you create breakthroughs in the earth, we know that you can do the same in each one of us. We pray today for a breakthrough and by the power of your love we know it is done. Amen.

April 28, 2010

Morning, Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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In times like these we need a Savior. In times like these we need an anchor. May our anchor grip the solid rock which is found in Christ Jesus. Dear God, we know that you are almighty and all powerful. We ask for a closer walk with Thee. We seek the comfort of knowing that you tabernacle with us. We seek the blessed assurance of knowing that you are a friend that sticks closer than a brother or sister. There are weak moments when we feel that we are all alone without the tender touch of your hand. Forgive us when we fail to give you glory. We approach life too often with a cavalier sense of self-sufficiency. Forgive us and remind us that it is only by your grace do we find sufficiency. It is only by your mercy that we find relief. Caress us with Thy loving arms and never let us go. Amen.

April 25, 2010

I would advise those who love the works of African American Artists to not miss The Coppin State University's Helene Fund School of Nursing's Art Auction Fundraiser on Saturday, May 1st from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at 2500 West North Avenue. You will be able to meet world renown artists, featuring the works of Charles Bibbs, Poncho Brown, Karen Buster, and others.

When I was young I made a vow to myself that if there was an must attend event within 200 miles of where I lived I would go to the place and enjoy the event.

As a result I have had the pleasure of seeing in person some fabulous artists and personalities at various stages of their careers. The list is long: Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Donny Hathaway, John Coletrane, Teddy Pendergrast, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Felipe Wynn, The Original Temptations, The Original Miracles, Smokey Robinson, Fifth Dimensions, Jim Brown, James Brown and the Flames, Shirley Scott, Rashad Roland Kirk, SunRa, Patti Labelle, Labelle, James Cleveland, Five Blind Boys, Sonny Stitt, The Dells, Cissy Houston, Mickey Fields, Grover Washington Jr, Junior Walker and The All Stars, Ysef Lateef, Wynton Marsalis, George Benson, etc.

If there is one area where I would kick myself it is that I didn't take full advantage of the tremendous artistic talents of painters, photographers, and mix-media personalities who where also in the area. As a result I missed Tom Wilson, Hugh Harrell, Poncho Brown the early stage of his career, Karen Buster when she was on Franklintown Road, Ernie Barnes, Roland Freeman, James Van Dee Zee, etc.

I will be there on Saturday, May 1st and so should you!

On Time Leadership

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I congratulate Dr. Avery and the Coppin State University team. They are demonstrating the type of leadership our community and nation needs. Understanding the importance of institutionalizing the work of our great leaders, they created on honor for Dr. Dorothy Heights during her lifetime that will live on now that she is in eternity. Active educational institutions, such as this, that understand their leadership role in the community is a welcomed change to status quo and business as usual.

In the deep recesses of our spirits we consistently struggle with our doubts and our fears. We seek the comforting reassurance that our motives are pure, our purpose is true, and our actions are just. Too often we refrain from what is right and fall victim to convenience and expediency. Teach us how to walk the road less traveled. Instruct us on how to walk the King's highway. Life is no "crystal stair", but with our hands in your hand we will keep on climbing. We will never look back. We will hold fast to your love that never lets us go. We thank you for our ever widening fellowship of kindred spirits. We ask that you bless our efforts to empower the residents of the Beloved Community. In your name we pray. Amen.

April 18, 2010

Morning, Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Oh God, our Heavenly Father, we seek to discover your resurrection in our lives by hearing and living your word. Grant us the clarity of mind and thought which will enable us to think on those things that are pure, lovely and just. Strengthen our resolve to be Christ-like in all that we do and say. Empower us to be strong witnesses of your resurrection power. In these times you desire of us a faith that will not shrink and a belief that will not buckle or fold. In our weakness will you make us strong? In our trials may our words become a testimony of your love and care? We give unto you the sum total of our being because you direct our paths. Amen.

April 11, 2010

Morning, Saturday, April 24, 2010

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God Our Father, we thank you for the victory we have in the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In this world that threat of danger, the futility of defeat, and the subtlety of Satan always abound. Forgive us when we take our eyes from the Cross. Forgive us when we fail to comprehend the awesomeness of Christ's victory over sin and death. We seek to experience the power of the resurrection of Jesus in our lives. Empower us with his spirit and entreat us to arise with Him in the fullness of life. Too often we think, talk, and tarry with trepidation as if we are defeated. We are more than conquerors through Christ that strengthens us. Foster within each of us the urgency of your triumphant return. Amen.

April 4, 2010

Morning, Friday, April 23, 2010

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Our Heavenly Father we seek the peace of knowing that you continue to shower your love and affection upon us. We need your warm embrace that shelters us from life's inconsistencies. It is when we think about the goodness of the Lord and all that you have done for us that our souls cry out and our spirits respond to your glory. WE live transient lives. The moments of our years quickly flash across the pages of time. Only in you do we have an anchor. Only in you do we fine solace. Abide in us as we abide in you. Reconcile us unto you and revive us once again. In the blessed name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

February 28, 2010

Morning, Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Dear God, in the midst's of life's storms, we find that you are our shelter. In the midst of life's discord, we find that you are our peace. Empower us in a new way so that we may face the issues of our day with the resolve of our ancestors to never turn back. Enrich our journey in such a way that it affirms to everyone that it pays to serve Jesus. It pays everyday. Instill in our spirits the joy or your presence and the comfort of your care. Bless us as we seek to be a blessing in the Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

February 21, 2010

Morning, Wednesday,April 21, 2010

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The shifting sands of time and the quiet whistling of the wind reminds us that You are the constant in all of our lives. You are the rock of of our salvation, Oh God, our Heavenly Father. We are seeking the spirit of your presence and the power of your embrace. Hover over us and spread your wings of protection around us as we make our journey through life to a distant shore. We are mindful of those among us who need our prayers. We celebrate with those among us who praise your name forevermore. You are a great and awesome God, your wonders to behold. We continue to celebrate the rich legacy and heritage to which we are all heirs. Work in us as you worked in them reclaiming and reconciling the world unto yourself. We pray for a consistent walk. We pray for a faithful walk. We pray that you will find us worthy of being called children of the Most High God. In all of our prayers and in all of our living, we are thankful that you stick closer to us than a brother or sister. In times like these, we need a Savior; in times like these we need an anchor. May our anchor grip the solid rock of Jesus. Amen.

February 7, 2010

Morning, Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Our Heavenly Father we thank you on this day made sacred by sacrificial living. We thank you for those persons who live among us that embody your word. We thank you for the living witness of our sainted leaders who gave their best to the Master, who gave him first place in their hearts. Create within each one of us the strength of character, the commitment to duty, and the willingness to give that ushers into being a better quality of life for others. We pray for faithful service glad and free. We pray that in life's journey you can count on us as you counted on Martin, as you counted on Ben, as you counted on Dorothy, and as you count on Barrack; count on us to place our hands on the plow and not turn back. May we bring honor and glory to your name, Amen.

January 17, 2010


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I didn't realize that this statement was attributed to Albert Einstein. His E=MC2 is so heavily promoted. Knowing that it is his statement makes it even more profound. I like the phrase in the movie, Notorious, "if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself."

Dear God in life there are so many challenges to our integrity. We find that far too often falsehood has a way of creeping into our spirits. Forgive us for our lack of candor. Forgive us when stretching the truth causes violence to the Body of Christ. Even when our motives are pure, we err in our walk and our talk. Forgive us and strengthen our resolve to live, to speak, to pray, to serve, and to praise in such a way that You will use us, anytime and anywhere. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

January 10,2010

Lebron James

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Is this LeBron James year to get his NBA championship ring? I think the Cleveland Cavaliers have done everything possible to assembly the talent to offset the Lakers' height and scoring and the Magic's strength and bulk. I think this is their year. It will be wonderful to watch LeBron come of age. A championship ring is the ultimate prize in his sport, particularly when money for him is no object.

Oh God, Our Heavenly Father in the solitude of this moment we feel your awesome power. You draw us to the sacred flame of your presence. By tis warmth we are affirmed as children of God. Our hearts are saddened as our faith community has experienced the loss of Dr. Benjamin Hooks who was faithful to the end of life's journey. We are thankful for the divine promise of salvation and eternal life. We are forever grateful for the birth, life and sacrifice of your son, Jesus Christ. All of the earth cries out his name in honor and praise. Jesus is the sweetest name we know. Hear our pray, Amen.

April 18, 2010

Kevin Durant

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We are finally coming to the NBA playoffs. One of the players to watch is a young man from D.C. who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant. He led the league in scoring beating our Kolbe Bryant and Lebron James. This young man is the truth. When he plays he is like electricity. He is shockingly quick. I expect him to make his mark on the national stage surpassing everyones expectations. He is the next big staring attraction.

Dear God there are moments in life when one must pause and say, "if it had not been for the Lord on my side were would I be." Birthdays are those moments in time as the years speed by and the moments become so precious I reflect this morning on the goodness of God. Thank you for ordering my steps and directing my path. Thank you for a consciousness to make you the center of my joy. You have placed so many people who have become family and friends. You have minimize any who would possibly be a foe. Your word is true, "no weapon formed against you shall prosper." Thank you for your protection. Thank you for your provisions. The awesome reality of life forces me to understand that life's steps into the future led me to you. Therefore, "lead me and guide me all the way." I continue to pray for all who are within the community of faith. I pray for those who still remain outside of the ark of safety. I believe the arc of the universe is guided by your unseen hand. "Father I stretch my hands to thee no other help I know." In the holiness of this moments my your will continue to be done in my life and the lives of all those you love. Amen.

April 17, 2010

Morning, Friday, April 16, 2010

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God, Our Heavenly Father, the stress and strain of life offers few opportunities to celebrate your presence. Forgive us when we become so bogged down with the details of life that we forget you are the giver of life. Teach us how to celebrate the wonder of your glory. Teach us how to hear the sounds of heavenly joy. Teach us how to experience the beckoning cry of angels. Teach us how to know the good news of your peace. As we move into a new decade in a new millennium, we rest assured that you will be with us. The pace of life is quickening. The pressure of life is waxing. Nevertheless, we are assured our your omnipresence and your awesome power. Thank you God! You enter into our lives in a humble way. You remind us that there is not a friend like the lowly Jesus, no not one, no not one. Amen.

December 6, 2009

Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks

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Another giant has left us to become one of our guardian angels, Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks. A preacher, a lawyer, and a civil rights advocate; he made his mark on the FCC and the NAACP. I remember when a group of media advocates filed an action against a local television station because of their programming and hiring practices. While he couldn't take a position on our lawsuit, his aide said that the FCC should look at it. That simple action cost the local television station tons of money in legal fees and forced them to elevate an African American to News Anchor, increase the number of behind the scenes technicians of color and added programing that addressed the needs of the local African American community. He was a tremendous man. As the President of the NAACP he caused all of American to recognize its significance and he managed the move to its current location in Baltimore, Maryland. May he enjoy the eternal presence of God in his Heavenly Kingdom.

God on this sacred day, the youth of our community enter a new day of possibilities. Protect them from anything that would defile their spirits. Protect them from all who seek to steal from them the blessings you have in store for them. Keep their minds in perfect peace. Instill in their hearts a sense of integrity. Fortify them with courage and strength. Our youth face difficult days and dangerous byways. Give them clear minds so that they may know right from wrong. Guide their feet so that they may walk in paths that are green and bountiful. Allow them to see clearly the benefits of being good students and excelling in their academic achievement. We pray for their families, schools, homes, communities, guardians, and parents. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

November 29, 2009

Morning, Wednesday,April 14, 2010

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Give us the strength, O God, to confront each of the challenges we face in life, in faith, and in service. Fortify our hearts, minds and spirits to resist the pressure to succumb to the evils of this world or to become satisfied with the status quo. We seek to become instruments of change. We need change within our communities. We need change within our schools. We need change within our homes. We need change within our hearts. Create us anew. Refresh us by the power of The Holy Spirit. Compel us to fight any Goliath that stands in our way. Compel us with the mercy of your love. Bless the people of the land in a mighty way. Amen.

November 15, 2009

1981-82 Calvert Hall Basketball Team was rated #1 in the Country. They didn't play the Dunbar team because of scheduling conflicts. As a result we missed the opportunity to witness two great basketball teams play each other. I wonder who would have won? The only player I remember was Duane Ferrell. Do you remember any of the others?

Dunbar 1982-83 Basketball Team, Full of Champions

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I need some help. This is a picture of the 1982-83 Dunbar Poets Basketball Team which USA Today named the #1 Team in the nation. I recognize Muggsy Bogues, Reggie Lewis, Reggie Williams, and David Wingate, who are the other two players? This was an awesome team by any standard.

God, Our Heavenly Father, we come to you this morning with sincere hearts and contrite spirits. We acknowledge that you are the great I am. We honor and praise your name forevermore. We ask you for divine revelation and for divine pardon. Forgive us of our sins. Cleanse us of our unrighteousness. Deliver us from evil. We pray for a fresh anointing of the spirit of the Living God. We pray that is will fall fresh on each of us this morning. We pray for a faith that will not shrink. We pray for a faith that will not fail. Keep us, God Our Father, in your path we pray. Amen.

November 8, 2009

Morning, Monday April 12, 2010

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Dear God, strengthen us to face challenges in life: challenges that test our resolve, challenges that try our faith, and challenges that tempt our flesh. All too often we succumb to our weaknesses. Forgive us when our life's journey lacks discipline. Forgive us when we become confused and lose our way. Redirect us by placing in our path the star of a new day or a rainbow in the midst of life's storms. Lead us and guide us all the way. In the precious name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

November 1, 2009

Orioles Ball Game 2nd Home Game

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Even through the Orioles lost to the Blue Jays tonight, the youth of the community won. They enjoyed each other, the delicious food, and the exciting atmosphere of Orioles Park. We were blessed with pleasant attitudes and a wonderful experience. 135 youth and adults from all walks of life having fun together. Young and old shared an intergenerational time of joy. They yelled, danced on the Jumbo Tron, and sang songs, and cheered, "charge." If you want to take youth from your community to the ball game, contact the Orioles and ask for the Orioles Reach program. You won't be disappointed.

J. Bruce Llewellyn

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J. Bruce Llewellyn was a giant of a man and a businessman for all times. He demonstrated an acumen for business that earned the respect of all Americans. One of the founders of 100 Black Men, he demonstrated that a businessman can be a advocate for community empowerment. He showed Bill Cosby and Julius Ervin that they collectively could purchase a Coca Cola distributorship in the Philadelphia area. What many people didn't know is that he is a cousin to Colin Powell and as a result Mr. Llewellyn's influence reached the highest levels of our society. He didn't carry a plaque card, he bought enterprises and made them successful. Throughout his life he exemplified excellence and magnified a competence that was world renowned.

Orioles Ball Game

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Going to the Orioles Ballgame this evening with 150 youth from Upton. This is the 2nd Home Game of the season and a wonderful evening to spend with our youth. The Orioles Reach Program provides these opportunity for youth to attend games as long as they are sponsored by an organization. Given the price of a ticket, transportation and food, it is not in the budget of many families. Nevertheless, programs such as this should be available for the youth of our community. I commend Mr. Peter Angelos for establishing this program. One I have used since its inception. Take me out to the ball game! Yes, take our youth out to the ball game!!!!!

Morning, Friday, April 9, 2010

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God, Our Father in these times of uncertainty teach us Holy Boldness. Empower us to go into the dark places of our world and bring the light of Your Word. Give us courage and the strong resolve to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Too many persons descend into that which is familiar and comfortable. You compel us, O God, to go on in spite of our hesitancy, to strive on in spite of our inconsistency, and to fight on in spite of our reluctancy. Thank you for being our anchor and our shield. Thank you for fortifying our contrite spirits. Thank you for infusing in us an unusual ability to confront life's difficulties. it is by your power and might that we are able to carry on. Equip us in these times to carry the blood stained banner and never sound retreat. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

October 18, 2009

Morning, Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Models of faith are on display throughout the world. God Our Father, we pray for a fresh anointing of your Spirit so that each one of us if found worthy of Your love and provision. Strengthen our faith so that we become living witnesses to the power of Almighty God. You are a God who watches over us. You are a God who wishes the best for us. You are a God who works for our good. Forgive us in our moments of weakness. Challenge us in our times of fear. Give us a faith that will not shrink. Give us a faith that will not retreat. We need the comforting presence of your care. Through it all we have learned to trust in Jesus. Through it all we have learned to depend upon your word. We offer this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen.

October 11, 2009

Morning, Wednesday,April 7, 2010

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In moments of weakness we often feel that all around us is giving way. Our steps are faulty. We lose a sense of confidence. We stagger in our walk towards You. Give us, Oh God, a staggerless faith. Assure us that we are standing on the rock of our salvation. Forgive us when we hesitate and wonder when are are traveling right. Forgive us when we question the extant of Your care and concern. Block our ears from hearing the rustling of the wind which distracts us from keeping our eyes on You. Train our hearts to keep our eyes on the prize of the high calling which is found in Christ Jesus. It is in times like these we need a Savior. It is in times like these we need an anchor. May our anchor grip the solid rock of Jesus! In Your Holy Name we pray. Amen

September 20, 2009

Enjoying the Inner Harbor

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Boats and yachts moored in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore is a pretty site. Unfortunately it reminds many of the economic disparity in our city which is really a Tale of Two Cities. While some are preparing to enjoy the experience of boating the waterways of our Inner Harbor and Bays, others are walking the blacktops of city streets with its oppressive heat wondering how so many people can afford boating as a recreational enterprise. Yes hard work should be enjoyed with all the perks it affords. But, I am of the belief that dangling luxuries in the faces of people creates an atmosphere of distrust and division. That's why I rest on the assurance that, "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." If its no more that the Constellation, I'm going to get on a boat very soon.

As the schools reconvene and students, teachers and administrators begin anew their academic responsibilities, we pray for each one of them. We pray that students reject slothfulness and incompetence. We pray that teachers will begin each day with an enthusiasm to teach and find students with a willingness to learn. We pray that administrators will allocate the necessary resources to insure that quality education is available to everyone. In these days of austerity, we pray for the heavens to open and for none of our children to suffer lack. We pray for a strengthening of family bonds that will permit children to grow up in crucibles of care and safety. We pray for faith communities that are committed to the well-being of children and their learning. We pray that everyone realizes that children matter in God's divine plan. Amen.

September 13, 2009

Ammaunel Moore is one of the exciting new authors to hit the Baltimore scene and very soon will be a national figure in the literary arts. His hottest new book is entitled Even Angles Need Miracles. On Saturday, April 10th from 3:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m. he will be signing his new book at 713 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD. Let's support this brother by purchasing his book and getting an autograph copy. He is a brother on the move!

Morning, Monday April 5, 2010

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Dear God, life presents many challenges and obstacles. We live life on the precipitous of fear. We live always on the edge of anxiety, worry and concern. In our trepidation we expect tragedy to stop at our door. Teach us how to live without fear. Teach us how to place our all on the altar and leave it there. Forgive us if our faith is weak and our steps are faltered. We seek to live in the ever-loving arms of your care. We seek to find comfort in knowing that your strong arms of protection surround us. You have proven over and over that you are our provider. You have demonstrated throughout our journey that we can depend on you. Caress us with your tender love and never let us go. We are your children and God you are our Father. In this we find confidence, Amen.

September 6, 2009

Morning, Sunday, April 4, 2010

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God our Father, we thank you for the victory we have in the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In this world the threat of danger, the futility of defeat, and the subtlety of Satan always abound. Forgive us when we take our eyes from the Cross. Forgive us when we fail to comprehend the awesomeness of Christ's victory over sin and death. We seek to experience the power of the resurrection of Jesus in our lives. Empower us with His Spirit and entreat us to arise with Him in the fullness of life. Too often we think, talk and tarry with trepidation as if we are defeated. We are more than conquerors through Christ that strengthens us. Foster within each of us the urgency of your triumphant return. In the Name of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

April 4, 2010

Morning, Friday, April 2, 2010

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God, Our Father we have sought to develop effective prayer lives that are fruitful. We seek to understand the spiritual dynamic of powerful praying. Deepen our meditation and broaden our range of concerns. Teach us how to love and live so we are useful in building Thy Kingdom. We pray for an extra portion of Your redeeming power that will enable us to become ambassadors and witnesses wherever we may go. Abide in us, as we seek to abide in You. Keep us grounded and focused through life's ups and downs. Give us the sufficiency of Your grace and mercy. Now and forever more, Amen.

August 30, 2009

Phenomena in Women's Basketball is a rare occurrence. If you have not watched Brittany Griner play you are missing seeing a phenom in action. She is 6' 8" tall and wears a man's 18" shoe. She can dunk with two hands and one hand. She is a freshman on the Baylor University Basketball team. As Baylor is making its way to the final four, they did it by beating Georgetown, Tennessee, and Duke on the winning shot by, who else, Brittany Griner. On Sunday any person with a desire to view her in action against the undefeated team from Connecticut, who are 37 -0 this season, are destined to by entertained by one of the historic encounters in women's basketball in a long time. She is proving, only in her first year, that you don't bet against Brittany in big games. She is a big game player, a baller, and a shot caller. Easter Sunday at 9:30 p.m. I will be in front of my big screen television watching her play against one of the best women teams of all time - Connecticut.

Hold On You Can Make It - Hold On!

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Have you ever had someone tell you a secret and you were busting at the seams to hold it in? Did you ever think that if I just tell my best friend and ask them to keep it a secret no one else would ever know? Yesterday, I learn something pretty amazing and significant regarding economic development in West Baltimore. I was not sworn to secrecy but it is not my place to tell it until the formal announcement in May 2010. Will I be able to hold it in for that length of time? What I have learned will change the tide of redevelopment in this sector of the City forever. What I learned will have a tremendous impact on the lower and middle class. What I learned will improve the quality of life of residents in every way. I'm so excited, but I just can't tell this good news until its proper time. Always remember, "God is working behind the scenes for our good!"

As we ponder Thy goodness and count our blessings, we are honored to know that we are a child of the King. We thank You God, Our Heavenly Father for guiding us through life's storms and protecting us from the dangers of this journey. We know that we are heirs to Your Heavenly Kingdom and the bounty of this world. Keep us faithful and focused on Your divine mission and permit us to walk in the authority of You as our King. Neither will we squander, nor will we sequester Your love that flows through us. We will give You the praise and honor by living, loving, and lifting up Your Name. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.

August 23, 2009

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