Put on the whole armor

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The book of Ephesians reminds us "Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

Being covered properly when you are in spiritual warfare is essential because of the viciousness of the attack upon your mental state. You may see a physical attack coming, but a spiritual attack is subtle, devious, and demonic.

Paul in Ephesians reminds us to protect our loins, breastplate, feet, head, and to keep a shield with you.

The key to full protection is the power of prayer.

What does your sign say?

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At first glance one would say I don't have a sign. I say, yes you do!

Your face is the sign that relays your emotions.

Let me share with you this poem by Oswald W. S. McCall

Be under no illusion, you shall gather to yourself the images you love. As you go, the shapes, the lights, the shadows of the things you have preferred will come to you, yes, inveterately, inevitably as bees to their hives. And there in your mind and spirit they will leave with you their distilled essence, sweet as honey or bitter as fall, and you will grow into their likeness because their nature will be in you.

As men see the color in the wave so shall men see in you the thing you have loved the most. Out of your eyes will look the spirit you have chosen. In your smile and in your frown the years will speak.

You will not walk nor stand nor sit, nor will your hand move, but you will confess the one you serve, and upon your forehead will be written his name as by a revealing pen.

Cleverness may select skillful words to cast a veil about you, and circumstances may never sleep, yet will you not be hid. No

As year adds to year, that face of yours, which once like an unwritten page, lay smooth in your baby crib, will take to itself lines, and still more lines, as the parchment of an old historian who jealously sets down all the story. And there, more deep than acids etch steel, will grow the inscribed narrative of your mental habits, the emotions of your heart, your sense of conscience, your response to duty, what you think of your God and of your fellow man and of yourself. It will all be there. For men become like that which they love, and the name thereof is written on their face.

Little Things Matter

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Walking down the street I saw a boot scraper. When streets and sidewalks where dirt, the boot scraper was used to scrape the mud off the bottom of your boots. It was a little thing but it mattered a lot to prevent people from tracking mud and debris into your house.

In life God wants us to pay attention to the little things in life. Being courteous, kind, helpful and loving towards others goes a long way. A smile to someone who is lonely may cheer them up. A visit to someone who is sick may speed up their recovery. It's the little things that matter in life.

The scripture says "if you are faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many."

Get cash here

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I was surprised to walk through a mall and to see this sign on a money machine. Why do people need cash in a mall when most of the transactions are either credit or debit?

I can understand one's need for cash.

I can better understand one's need for God.

"Get God here"

It's amazing the number of signs you encounter in life directing you to do something in an orderly manner. Without instructions we would have chaos because everyone would do their own thing.

In a moral and spiritual sense we all have simple instructions to follow. They are contain in Holy Scripture.

I like this one. "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy spirit, and thy neighbor as thyself."

A Sacred Place

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Everyone should have your own sacred space. A place were you can go and commune with God. That place may be the formality of a sanctuary or it could be as informal as your prayer closet. Nevertheless, you need a sacred place where you can meet God for yourself.

In the hustle and bustle of today's world meeting God will bring ease to your mind and spirit. Meeting God will instill in you a hope for a bright tomorrow. Meeting God will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. Meeting God will affirm for you that there is something special in you. Meeting God will empower you to lift up your head to the hills.

Make today the day that you meet God in your sacred place.

Work to do

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There is a Biblical ideal of perfection. It means as one grows in grace during each moment of the experience they are being perfected. Perfection as the ultimate state is never reached in this dimension, it is a gift that comes in one's ultimate relationship with God in eternity.

Therefore each of us has work to do as we journey on the road ahead. You can learn to love more completely. You can serve more sincerely. You can work for equality more comprehensively. You can build a better society more justly.

There is much work for each of us to do to create "the beloved community" here on earth.

The real work begins as you work on you!

The Narrow Hallway

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In my youth I reasoned you could run all over the place. You could run in circles, back and forth, sideways, or straight ahead as fast as you can. When you are playing boundaries do not matter.

In life I've learned you are really walking down a narrow hallway. Straight and narrow is the path. Many are called but few are chosen.

Every now and then one must do an inventory of their walk. Are you consistent in your prayer life, Bible study, giving and service? Are you faithful in your love of God? Are you dependable? Do you have mood swings or have you learned how to be content because the joy of the Lord is your strength?

Everyone must walk there own narrow hallway. Everyone has a straight and narrow path towards God.

Hold on to something

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No one walks through life without support. Everyone needs something or someone to hold onto.

Walking down the stairs in the Dwight Eisenhower Executive Office Building, I held onto this distinctive brass railing. Whose hands previously have held onto this railing? What matters of state did they attend to?

One thing is for certain regardless of their political, cultural, social, religious, sexual, or philosophical orientation they all had to hold onto this same brass railing for support.

You should understand by now we all must hold onto something. I choose to hold onto the mighty hands of God.

There are moments in life's journey when you need to talk to God who sits high, but looks low. He understands your situation. He empowers us with His love. God is always available to you. All you have to do is call on Him and He is right there for you.

The song would say, "have a little talk with Jesus and tell him all about your troubles. He will hear your faintest cry and answer by and by."

Thank God for the love of Jesus Christ.

The Steps of a Good Father

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After more than a month I listened to the CD of the service for my father, Charles Abraham Hathaway. I made the transition from participant to observer. The service was outstanding and very moving.

I reached the part of the service for the eulogy. I had to listen to me preach with a new set of ears. The message ministered to my spirit. The central theme of the "steps of a good father" was maintained throughout the message. It was delivered with loving power, humor, clarity, Biblical integrity, and was not nostalgic.

When the hook for the close was introduced, "he almost made me shout." It was eased into the message in a manner that no one would have known we were coming to the crescendo.

I remember vividly when I went for the close to explain that in the end Dad did shout. The congregation were on their feet, shouting, waving, weeping and cheering me on as I sent Pop to glory.

I must have preached over 1,000 eulogies in my ministry career.

For Pop this was the best: God blessed me, the family and the congregation with this word.

Gleaming Glory

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On a recent trip to Paris, I marveled at the monuments and statues with golden gilded tips. In the midday sun each golden tip would glisten in the sky. It was an awe inspiring sight.

Upon reflection there should be an aspect of our personality that gleams because of God's glory.

If His glory fills the place, you should be a reflection of it.

Erecting your statue

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As one moves through life you are erecting a statue as a testimony of your story. Your statue may not sit in a park, but it is being erecting in people's hearts. Your love ones are slowing and carefully building the memory blocks that will remind them of you throughout their life time. Others are erecting stones based on their relationship with you.

Most importantly God is erecting your story as a statue of how you loved and served Him.

Able to leap tall buildings

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One of the characteristics of the Superman character was his ability to leap tall buildings with a single bound. This seemingly impossible feat added to his mystic.

When one thinks about the awesomeness of God, you have to ponder God's ability to be everywhere at the same time. You must ponder God's ability to hear your faintest cry. You must ponder that larger than any man made building, God has built mountains higher in the sky.

We serve an awesome God and He is able.

Monument for Fallen Heroes

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Too often the contributions of our ancestors are easily forgotten. Therefore every effort should be made to create memorials so future generations will have some method of awareness that contributions had been made.

In scripture Moses commanded the Hebrew people to gather stones from the base of the Jordan as evidence to future generations that God had rolled back the sea which permitted them to cross over.

Time and time again I have seen this impressive monument in the middle of a round a bout in Inner Harbor East. I curiously have admired it but never ventured to find out anything about it.

Yesterday I inspected the monument up close and discovered it was for the fallen Polish soldiers who fought a famous battle in Poland!

Wow! Right in the middle of one of the most amazing redevelopments in Baltimore is a monument for fallen Polish heroes.

My hat is off to the distinguish people who made this possible. We may not understand but they definitely understood the importance of placing stones as monuments to significant events and people in there past.

We all must honor our ancestors' accomplishments that built bridges for us to cross over into the dry land of progress and prosperity.

End of the Day Break

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When Friday comes and the work week ends, learn to take a relaxing break and unwind. I love the water, boats, and the sense of tranquility you feel. Sitting on the deck of the Four Seasons Hotel I'm looking at the wonderful progress of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

God wants us the enjoy the beauty of His earth. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

Break the Fast

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It's said that breakfast is the most important meal. When you eat a healthy breakfast you give your body a source of new energy for the coming days activity. During the night your metabolism has slowed down and eating breakfast tells you body to speed up.

I would argue its therefore important how you start your day. Scripture reminds us, "O Taste and see that the Lord, He is good."

What better way to begin your day then having a healthy dose of God's word.

Fleeting News

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In 2008 during the Presidential Campaign one of the major topics of discussion was then Candidate Barack Obama's relationship to Rev Dr Jeremiah Wright. For his political opposition this relationship was toxic. Obama separated from Dr Wright.

Four years ago this issue was all over the news. Four years later it is news that is in the past.

News from the past is fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow.

How many people are trapped by their past? Afraid of news that may leak out? Afraid that events will be replayed?

God wants us to live in the present and walk into our futures. He has throw the past into the sea of forgetfulness.

Fellowship through food

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There is something special about enjoying the fellowship of food with friends and family. Eating with kindred spirits causes you to eat slower and to digest your food better. It is important for people to experience companionship.

Too often people eat alone without the blessing of sharing thoughts or feelings with others.

Jesus Christ left for us the sacrament of Holy Communion to help us understand the significance of a shared meal.

Life above the clouds

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Like many people I watched the tennis match between Serena and Victoria. It was a battle to the end. After being down I wondered what was the ingredient that pushed Serena over the top? I believe it's that she doesn't want to live life on the ground but in the clouds.

Life above the clouds means that you are focused on being extraordinary. Life above the clouds means you are a leader and not a follower.
Life above the clouds means you know where you help comes from when obstacles are in your way.
Your help comes from God because your eyes look beyond the clouds towards heaven.

Compartmental Lives

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Do you separate your life into compartments? In other words are you one way in the public eye and another in the private eye? Are you one way on Sunday and another on Saturday? Do you separate friends from family?

Do you erect partitions between aspects of your life?

It is easy to function differently when you are in different arenas?

My question does your personality change also?

One of life's challenges is to unify your heart, mind and spirit?

I believe unification can only take place when one allows God to prick, prune and prod you into a unity with Him.

A Divine Commitment

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Shared today in the installation service of my cousin, Elder Angela Hathaway Carey. She installed as the Pastor of the church founded by her father and mother in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

In life it is crucial that one discover their God ordained purpose.

It doesn't necessarily have to be pastoring, but I am certain it will be some form of service.

Let Freedom Ring

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Spending a few days in the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia. One of the iconic sites is the Liberty Bell. Its crack is known around the world. While we will never be able to hear the bell ring, it symbolizes that freedom does ring in the hearts, minds, and spirits of a people who believe in the unalienable rights ordained by God.

If our country was built upon a faith in God, we have to guard against political and cultural attempts to dilute that faith.

God is still King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God is still on the throne.

Soul Music

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There is a soul force which is captured by our music. Music connects us to the ages and enables us to cross cultures. Music is a soul force that breaks through language barriers and transforms personalities. Soul music is our music the universal language of the world's people. It is also the music of love.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a tribute to great American. His impact on our Constitutional form of government is immense. Even with his greatness he had his flaws.

We should never allow our flaws to diminish our ability to be great and do great things.

"Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world."

Rev Dr Barry Black is a very influential man. He serves as the Chaplin for the United States Senate. In other words he is the Pastor to the 100 Senators and their families. He is their confidant helping them to navigate through the spiritual, personal, and political tensions they are feeling.

Like Nathan was to King David, Barry Black is like that to the most powerful people in America.

His name is not commonly known, but his advice is sought be the Senate members. He grew up in Baltimore around the corner from Union Baptist Church.

"God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than you could ask or think."

Think about the places God has allowed you to visit and the people God has allowed you to meet.

Extra Weapons

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Would you go into a battle without spare weapons? We are in a spiritual battle with an enemy who is relentless. To fight the demonic forces arrayed against you, you will need extra weapons. Bring extra weapons to the battle.

More prayer, more truth, more faith, more Bible study, more salvation, more grace, more mercy, more forgiveness, more patience, and more love; are needed to fight the enemy of today.

Looking east from Federal Hill in Baltimore you see a scenic view of the Inner Harbor that did not exist 20 years ago. Million Dollar condominiums, new hotels, retail shopping, and office buildings were built on once vacant piers and land. A new skyline has been created.

If that can be done with a city, imagine what God can do with a person. He can create you anew if you only believe.

Change is in the air

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Looking from Federal Hill at the skyline of Baltimore's Inner Harbor provides a compelling example of a city's ability to change its outer appearance. This scene is far different from the one I witnessed as a youth. The glamour and the glitz was not here. The tall buildings and boats also were not here. What was here was a depressing city that was once a manufacturing and industrial force. Now that is gone and has been replaced by tourism and attractions. Baltimore has changed.

If a city can change so dramatically is it possible for a person to change? Yes if one is willing to change their reference points, they are able to change. Scripture says "to think on those things that are lovely and to think on those things that are pure." if one changes what they think their spirit will follow.

Windows to Your Soul

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It's is said that "your eyes are the windows to your soul." My parents taught me to look a person in their eyes when speaking to them. Making eye contact and maintaining eye contact provided each person with a snapshot into one's character. The inability to maintain eye contact spoke to one's wavering of character or position.

If the eyes perform this critical function than how you treat your eyes becomes important as you journey life's highway.

There was a time when people would have elaborate window dressings. In these days simplicity seems to be the keys.

The point is not how you may dress your windows. The point is that your eyes, the windows of your soul, provide a view into your character.

Character is the God given and God desired quality of integrity. When you have it, it will shine through the gleam in your eyes.

Amazing Washington DC

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Venturing to our Nation Capital on a day of reflection I visited the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Just the thought of his sacrifice humbles me during the political discourse of this season.

One must accept the challenge that we are not doing enough to advance his divine vision of the "Beloved Community."

We are quickly hardening the racial and economic divides that contradict our quest to be "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

I vow to resist any attempt to take us back to a "Jim Crow" era. I recognize he may function as Dr. James L. Crow behind the scenes controlling the levers of power.

God continues to be on the side "of the oppressed." the scripture is clear, "what you have done unto the of least of these you have done into me."

Ministry with a Purpose

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Begin a sermon series this month entitled, "Wisdom of the Ages." I will share some wisdom insights from Mark 1: 29 - 34. Today's sermon "Ministry with a Purpose" will examine the early beginnings of the ministry of Jesus and learn His purpose to discover our purpose.

Ministry with a Purpose performs miracles in the church, in the home, and in the community. And, when you minister to others you are ministered to in return.

Bridge over Troubled Waters

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There are times when the waters you have to cross are wide, long and deep. Life does not afford you the luxury of sitting on the dock of your bay. If you don't cross this obstacle it's over. Your friends can't help, your foes don't care about you and your family is distant from you. Who do you turn to and what do you do?

God is your bridge over troubled waters. He is able to be the bridge you need or build the bridge you need.

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