The Mother Ship

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We now know where the Mother Ship is. The Smithsonian Museum has bought it. The Mother Ship will be seen for generations to come. Some of us remember the P Funk.

Delegate Ruth M. Kirk

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Delegate Ruth M. Kirk was definitely old school. She believed that an elected politician was a community servant and member. She has made her transition to God's heavenly kingdom. While she was here, her presence was felt and her passion was known. She took on the mantle of a community mother; a person who nurtured its people to become their best selves. She was a highly intelligent person. Her ability to remember names, faces, dates, legislation and situations was outstanding. I can recount many instances when she challenged the bureaucracy and threaten political leaders on behalf of the needs and interests of her constituency. You could find her on any Sunday visiting a local church during and outside of the election cycle. Everyone knew her and had a personal story about moments they shared with her. I serve at Union Baptist Church and for the past 43 years we have managed a Head Start program. Through her efforts and that of Delegate Pete Rawlings, the State of Maryland provided the major funding for a single purpose building that currently serves over 214 children per year. That's the tangible results of bringing the bacon to your home district. On Friday, June 24, 2011 her family and community will take her to her final rest. She will be missed, but her legacy will live on within the Franklin Square Community in a very tangible way.


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The Associated Black Charities held its Gala last night at Martin's West. The report is that over one thousand persons attended the sold out event. In many respects, the night was magical. I extend my compliments to Ms. Diana Bell McKoy, Mr. Eddie Brown, and Mr. Mayo Shattuck III for leading this outstanding effort. This show of strength elevates ABC to the forefront of the African American philanthropic movement in America.

Happy Father's Day to Mr. Charles Hathaway

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I spent last week in Hampton, Virginia at the Hampton University Minister's Conference. It is one of the largest Minister's Conferences in the country. As I walked through the stores in the Hampton area, on display were Father's Day sale items. I walked into Macy's when I returned to Baltimore and upon entering the store I was greeted by sales persons offering sample fragrances for me to smell that could be bought as cologne for one's Father. What was clear to me, it was not necessary to wait until Father's to pay tribute to a wonderful father. Therefore, I will do it right now!

God as blessed my life with a tremendous father - Mr. Charles A. Hathaway.

He is an authentic Christian, who practices his faith in his lifestyle and the advice he gives. Each day I count it a blessing to be able to talk with him or visit him. He is humble, but strong in spirit. He is proud of his children and grandchildren, as well as, all of his relatives. He is the patriarch of our extended family, and he carries that responsibility well. He frequently sends cards to his relatives acknowledging significant moments in their lives. He calls the more senior members to express his love and concern for them. His home and his heart is always open to us. I have a deep and abiding love and respect for him. He is one of the most important people I know. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.


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