Congressman Charles Rangel

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Congressman Charles Rangel was apart of the epic shaping African American contingency that rose to power during the early 1970's. He joined the late Congressman Parren J. Mitchell. Together with an early band of African American Congress members formed the Congressional Black Caucus. Dr. Augustus Adair, a member of Union Baptist Church, became its first Executive Secretary. Congressman Rangel was elected from a historic New York congressional district, previously led by Congressman Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Congressman Rangel was a worthy heir. Throughout the years, Congressman Rangel accrued political power and seniority. They are valuable commodities on Capital Hill. He was an effective spokesperson for issues and causes that affected the common people of America. Congressman Rangel is now being faced with his most difficult challenge, defending himself against allegations of ethics violations. There is street language that says, "I don't want to go out like that." This distinguished Congressman Charles Rangel shouldn't have to go out like that under a cloud of suspicion and cruel allegations. At 80 years of age, it is time for Congressman Charles Rangel to past the torch and retire.

Mr. Billy Murphy, Attorney at Law

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Moving quickly to the top of the line of effective and efficient law firms in the world is Murphy P.A. Better known as Billy Murphy Law Firm. Our home grown legal eagle is knocking down barriers and winning awards in record fashion. We are proud of Billy who practices the law on behalf of those who need forceful advocates. His understanding of legal procedure and legal application is second to none. He has standing by his side Mr. Hassan Murphy, his son, who he is grooming to become one of the leading attorneys in American. This is all happening right here in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Murphy is building a world class firm right here. I am proud to know him and so happy our paths crossed many years ago. If you may every need the advice or assistance of a legal professional, look no further than to Billy Murphy. His very name strikes fear in his adversaries.

People of Faith are facing a great challenge in Baltimore ( and really in every major city in the world) a racial divide based upon senseless violence. For too long people have been silent on the issue of "black on black" crime. Now that we are witnessing "black on white" crime, there is a seething outrage growing within the white community (their are supporters in the black community of the outrage) that will explode into vigilantism. The first outbreak will see itself being played out in the political arena. The Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office is the first target and unfortunately Ms. Patricia Jessamy is slated to be the first victim. She is being painted as soft on crime and incompetent to address the issue of "black on white" crime. It's untrue! But, the headlines are stoking the flames of political vigilantism. The reality of the horrors of senseless violence is providing fuel for the fire. Our city is deteriorating and the visible symbol of this cancerous situation is an African American female who looks like the people we need to eliminate to make our city safer again, some would angrily say. Our racially charged city is about to divide along political racial lines. Given the voting patterns of our last election, it is no secret that whites outvote blacks in Baltimore City. How unfortunate that our fabulous city is going down this endless trail from which their is no return. What can be done to stem this senseless violence that has fanned the flames of racial hate in our city?

First, we need a city wide revival of people of good will across racial, economic, geographic boundaries to visibly come together in a massive demonstration of unity around the purpose to resist, denounce, and deter violence in any form and fashion. Second, we need a massive job opportunity movement in our city that reduces the level of unemployment and gives people something productive to do. Third, we need to invest more funding into our schools and extend the school day and term to year around. Fourth, we need more parole and probation officers to reduce the caseloads to a more manageable level and strict monitoring of those who have committed offenses. Fifth, we need to increase the number of surveillance cameras through out the city with actively manned command centers that are seeing what is happening and recording what is occurring on our city streets. Sixth, we need to provide serious incentives for officers of the law to live within Baltimore City (city jobs for city workers). Sixth, once the city officers of the law live in the city we need to permit them to drive their official vehicles home to visibly be parked in the neighborhoods in which they live. Seventh, the faith community needs to periodically leave the comfort of its sanctuary and venture outside with services conducted within the communities they occupy. Eighth, we need to revive the idea in the sixties of "indicted street corners". When I was a youth, the police officers would tell us when we sort to stand on a corner that it was "indicted" and that we could not congregate on it. Not knowing the law we would move off of the corner and sit on the steps in the community. We later learned that there was no such thing as an indicted corner. Nevertheless, it instilled a sense of respect and fear of the policing power. Ninth, we need to revive the idea of law enforcement officers as "officer friendly". There needs to be monitored positive interaction with the community. For example, law enforcement official should be measured by not only how many punitive actions they have made within a work day, but also how many positive actions have they taken during a work day. Tenth, only because I written too long, we need to strengthen our intolerance to sin and violence. We can no longer turn a deaf ear or silent voice to lawlessness within our communities. We have to eliminate the anonymity that permits people to function without accountability. Am I suggesting a police state. No! I suggesting a peace state where any disturbance of the peace will not be tolerated.

The Power of Praise

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Preparing August 1st Sunday's Sermon entitled, "The Power of Praise." Psalm 34: 1 - 3. The stories of scripture reveals that the strongest praise is offered when you are in the midst of something or going through something. And, it continues when you have been delivered from that something. Everyone has some reason to praise the Lord because everyone is either in something or been through something that affirms for them, "if it has not been for the Lord on my side, where would I be." Are there any praise reports in the house?

Tesia S

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Tesia S is an all electric car which will become available in 2012. I wonder if I can hold out that long. It looks like the bomb!

This is an amazing photograph. You have Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin on stage together. I understand they performed together at a fundraiser for education. I would have paid serious money to have been there.

Wyclef Jean

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Wyclef Jean as President of Haiti is worthy of consideration. The international musician is considering running for President. As a native son of Haiti, he has invested his own money to improve living conditions for its residents. He has name recognition and star power. He could be an effective motivator of his people. He could be an effective advocate on the world stage. A particular challenge would be ferreting out the criminal elements that are reaping profits off of the backs of the people. Fighting drug trafficking in particular will prove troublesome. Nevertheless, his name should be on the ballot and they people should have this charismatic leader as a choice. If the Terminator can win in California, Wyclef should be able to do no less in Haiti.

State Center Project, Baltimore, MD

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Can you imagine that the State of Maryland who owns land and buildings free and clear would give that land to a developer, agree to lease office space from them, under the pretense that the developer will construct new buildings and modernize existing buildings? The State of Maryland currently pays no rent, only maintenance. The land which was formerly a community for African American renters and homeowners in the 1930's and 1940's that was taken by imminent domain for the construction of what is known in Baltimore, MD as the State Office Complex. The State Office Complex is a 22+ acre site of state government offices which is the largest concentration of state employees and agencies in Maryland. On Wednesday, July 28th before the Board of Public Works, the State of Maryland will enter into a sweetheart deal for the development team to construct office buildings on two parcels that the State of Maryland will give to them. The State in turn will lease offices from the developers for the use of agencies located currently on the site. The community receives no economic benefit for being "so called" a part of the development team. The largely out of town developers will walk away with a "boat load" of profits that will fill their coffers. It is unfortunate that our State Leaders don't understand the economic benefits of circulating money within the community versus circulating money out of the community. The deal I've read is bad for the community. It's great for the developers. The community should be on the development team and receive a portion of the profits for community benefit.

Ms. Vonetta McGee

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You really have to be old school to recognize the name: Vonetta McGee. She played roles in films during the sixties and nineties that brought African American actors to film. She portrayed the innocent lovely women who was caught in some diabolical scheme. Her lovely face now adorns the heavenly cast of angels. It's our responsibility to remember all the members of our community when their earthly life is over. She remains a beautiful person in my sight. RIP

When do you talk with Jesus?

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Sunday's sermon is entitled, "When Do You Talk with Jesus?" The scripture lesson comes from John 3: 1 - 5.

When do you talk and what do you talk about?

We need to learn that our conversations with God are dialogues and not monologues.

In our conversation with God we can talk about anything, anywhere and at anytime. Spend time talking with God.

The full sermon will be preached on Sunday, July 25th at 10:00 a.m. at Union Baptist Church, 1219 Druid Hill Avenue.

Mrs. Shirley Sherrod

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Mrs. Shirley Sherrod may be the woman who carries President Obama to a second term. When your read the story of Ms. Sherrod you will discover that she has been in the human and civil rights struggle all of her life. A woman of faith who is married to a Baptist Minister carries herself with the dignity of a first lady. She has poise, class, and is extremely competent. She handles news casts like a professional. She has charisma that exudes through the television lens. She is the perfect non-political national spokesperson who can step to the plate and discussion race, discrimination, poverty, and government programs. I pray that she carefully weight her next move. She is too significant and substantive a personality to be relegated to some desk job away from the glare of media. Her life experiences have prepared her for this moment. She should step into the destiny God has ordained for her. Like Rosa Parks, she is our African American Queen for such a time as this!

No $104 Million Dollar Juvenile Jail

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Governor Martin O'Malley has a decision to make that will impact the juvenile justice system forever and this election for Maryland's Governor.

Does he follow the flawed planning begun by the Ehrlich administration? Or, does he chart a new course towards ameliorating the disconnect between juveniles in need of services and rehabilitation versus incarceration.

On the table is a proposed $104 Million Dollar juvenile jail that is based upon a flawed analysis of need. Planning was begun in 2005 which does not take into account the realities of 2010. If constructed it will place a costly jail which is over-sized by current needs. It will create the atmosphere that we must fill up the jail with juveniles versus created systems that will slow their decent into this system. There are alternatives that are being placed on the table for consideration. There are models of successful juvenile support systems that Maryland could adopt. In this climate of fiscal restraint, spending $104 million on a capital project of this type makes little sense.

Governor O'Malley don't follow the course set by the former Governor; establish a new course towards a brighter horizon.

If you do not change this direction, your inaction will support the premise that maybe we need Enrlich back in office to continue destructive policies towards our youth.

Poncho Brown

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Our own Poncho Brown is seen here holding the Museum Choice Award he recently won at the Save The Arts Awards Show. Brother Poncho has proven to be a prolific artist. In my estimation he is in the category of Vincent Van Gogh Michelangelo or any of the Euro-centric Artists with global recognition.

I would advise all to acquire a piece of his work now. It is and will be a good investment.

Brother Poncho, I hope this post merits me a discount when I come to your open house very soon:- Peace!

Think Big

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Dr. Ben Carson is an advocate for people to think big. I agree! Small thinking has reduced our communities and society into waste lands of lost opportunity. Engage in a conversation with most people on the street and what you will immediately discover is limited scope and tiny dreams. When did it happen? When did we as a people cease thinking big? A wise man once said that if you are going to sink, why not sink where the big ships go, deep in the ocean; instead of being suck in the harbor. I firmly believe that one's ability to think big is directly related to their understanding of the vastness of God. "Whither shall I go from thy Spirit? Or whither shall I flew from thy presence?" The vastness of God is from everlasting to everlasting. Let us commit to eliminating small thinking within our children, our families, our communities, our government, our faith communities, and ourselves. Think big or not at all?

Mr. Larry Gibson

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I applaud Professor Larry Gibson for stepping into the election debate for the re-election of State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy. He is an astute observer of politics and understands what is at stake in this election. State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy has been an active in her position. She has provided a positive example that the role of the prosecutor is to educate, adjudicate, and to make certain that legislative laws are in place for effective crime fighting. She has deal with the various political factions in this city to press the case for more resources in her office. She has worked tireless to involve the community in the work of her office. She has hired a diverse workforce that reflects the demographics of our city. I appreciate the entry of Professor Gibson into the debate to make certain that the any allegations being made against Ms. Jessamy are immediate exposed as untrue. This campaign is too important to include any deception. This is one campaign were the community will not be lulled to sleep. We will be vigilant on every front and vocal in our support for State's Attorney Patrica Jessamy.

Mr. Jerry Weintraub

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If you want a fun reading about the Hollywood scene from an insider, I recommend the book entitled, "When I stop talking, You'll know I'm dead." Mr Jerry Weintraub tells an amazing story about his life in a manner that is enthralling. He is on a first name basis with many of the most powerful people in the world in business, politics, show business, and sports. He has been successful at most of the endeavors he has undertaken. A shrewd businessman he allows the reader to peer into the world of high stakes business and almost convinces you to go for the gold and step up your own game. The stories that he tells reflect a creative dimension of life experienced by a very few people. You would never know that people live like he describes. But they do and the working stiffs are the ones who fatten their bank books and purchase anything they are willing to sell. We are the consumers. He represents one of the successful producers. Read this wonderful story and be amazed and astonished. He is a man that anyone would want to know.

An awesome service this morning, the sermon title was, "Sometimes Your Best Friend is You!" In I Samuel 30: 1 - 6 (KJV) when David was faced with a crisis in confidence, "he encouraged himself in the Lord his God." We all have motion when our confidence is shaken by events, people, or perplexing problems. Who do you turn to when your friends desert you, your family abandons you, and your foes overcome you? Turn to the power that is within that connects you to the Father! "Father I stretch my hands to Thee, no other help I know."

BB King

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"Lucille" is the name of BB King's guitar. She has been a faithful companion to him for many years. Everyone needs a faithful companion and a trusted friend. Reminds me of a song: "There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus. No not one! No not one!"

Musiq Soulchild

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Musiq Soulchild appears to be a star in his own right. He has sold two platinum CD's he is an established singer in the music world. He will be one of the headliners at the Artscape Festival. I must admit he didn't sell a CD to me. I guess I will have to stop listening to "Oldies but Goodies" or either get my car radio fixed!


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The famed Artscape begins today at the Maryland Institute of Art. The crowds have grown huge since its inception, many many years ago. I remember hearing some fantastic artists at previous shows. This's years entertainment lineup is foreign to me. I didn't realize I was so far out of the loop.

Musiq Soulchild, Jackie Greene, Cold War Kids, Gov't Mule, Graham II, Rebulution, and Wale are not groups that I'm familiar.

I guess I'm sit this year's Artscape out and await the day the streets will reopen to permit me a quick route downtown. For those who plan to attend - enjoy the festivities!

Bishop Walter Hawkins

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With a unique ability to blend the sounds of spirituals, gospel, blues, and contemporary music; Bishop Walter Hawkins remained a vibrant and productive music force for over 30 years. His sense of ministry was manifested through his Love Center Ministry in Oakland. California. His roots within the growth of gospel music placed him at the forefront of trends that found songs with spiritual meaning crossing over into the pop side of the charts. The Hawkins family is gospel royalty and Bishop Walter Hawkins was a leading man. God has called him home for his eternal rest. His ministry on earth will continue. His spirit will wax. His legacy is secure.

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All across America we need to engage in deep faithful prayer that the Senate will confirm Rev. Dr. Susan D. Johnson Cook as Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. Yes, President Obama has nominated "SuJay"!

Dr. Johnson Cook has proven throughout her career that God has favored her to access doors that only He could open. She was an Advisor to President William J. Clinton. She is a personal friend of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is a religious advisor to President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. She was the first female President of the Hampton University Minister's Conference. She founded the Bronx Christian Fellowship Church in New York in 1996.

Critics have already begun to suggest that she is inexperienced in foreign policy. Who would be better mentors than The Honorable Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton?

Well the critics may as well take a back seat on this one.

"What's is for you is for you!"

"Ambassador Rev. Dr. Susan Johnson Cook"

I like how that sounds.

She is eminently qualified because God has prepared her for such a time as this.

Dr. Andres Alonso

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Dr. Andres Alonso is the CEO of our Baltimore City Public School System. He deserves an extension to continue the educational reform program he has initiated within Baltimore City. A strong-willed tough administrator, he has proven to me over and over again a true and sincere heart for insuring that our youth have the best educational system available to them. He has had and will continue to have hurdles to cross to accomplish his goals.

Nevertheless, I have not seen anything thus far that would cause me to say his job has ended.

There is more that he can do with the support of the community to transform our school system.

For example, The Performing Arts School at Booker T. Washington Middle around the corner from the church were I serve has hired an African American Ph.D. educator as its principal. She just happens to be a 30ish African American female; a proven administrator and a positive role model for the female population that makes up the majority of the schools population.

As the capable leader of our school system, he is attracting the talent that will make our system the best in America.

Extend his contact and keep him in place to finish the job.

These were two characters: Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner. The Yankee owner hired and fired Billy Martin five times. Early this morning Mr. George Steinbrenner heard his own strike three as his final at bat ended. His passing leave a major void in the colorful personality driven sports franchise owners.

His ego was the largest. His wallet was the biggest. I visited his spring training camp in Tampa Bay Florida. There I got an autographed baseball cap by Mickey Rivers.

When you think about the New York Yankees, you instantly zero in on the biggest names in the sport. Many of those names were on his payroll and very few left to seek greener pastures. His grass was the greenest. Yankee Stadium and New York is the market all ballplayers seek to be.

"You only have a minute, only sixty seconds in it, forced upon us, didn't seek it; but its up to us to use it. We will give account if we abuse it. Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it."

The seconds of Mr. Steinbrenner's life has wound down. Now he is in eternity!

Rainy Season

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In the Baltimore area we have hit a rainy spell.

Perfect relief from the heat wave we were experiencing. Perfect for the grass, flowers and trees that needed water so desperately. Perfect for washing down the streets, alleys, and roads from accumulated dirt and grime. Perfect for refilling the water table in our reservoirs and dams.

Isn't God's grand design perfect!!!

If man would only learn to get out of the way and observe the perfect will of God, we would then understand what it means to live the abundant life.

"Look at the lilies of the field, they neither spin nor toil, our heavenly Father watches over them."

Ms. Khaliliah Williams-Webb

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Everyday you learn more about the accomplishments of our homegrown talent. The secret is out!

Ms. Khaliliah Williams-Webb is a stylist for the stars. She consulted with Baltimore's own, Carmelo Anthony, who had a celebrity wedding this past weekend in New York City. I'll just direct you to her story printed in our local paper. She is someone of whom we can be proud. Also, it is refreshing to hear that our local talent is being recognized on a national level. When you review her client listing, you will discover that she has a strong base of successful Baltimore natives. This is the way to go! Our own supporting our own!

The Rough Side of the Mountain

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This pictures illustrates a hand of a person climbing a mountain. Many of us are familiar with the song, "I'm climbing up the rough side of the mountain." People identify with this song because everyone faces at some point in their lives a mountain they must climb.

Tomorrow I will preach from the title, "Is this your mountain?" The text is taken from Deuteronomy 2: 1 - 7.

The Summer Sizzle Sermon Series continues by raising a thought provoking word for those who are climbing up the rough side of the wrong mountain.

Union Baptist Church, 1219 Druid Hill Avenue, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Over the years I have come to admire and love, Mr. Marvin "Doc"Cheatham. He is stepping down as the President of the Baltimore Branch of the NAACP. Through his hard work and persistence, he has elevated this historic branch to national prominence. He has integrated its work into the fabric of the community. I wish he would have smiled on this photograph because his spirit has enriched our civil rights journey. If one finds that he is somewhere on a ballot, you can vote for him confident that he will continue to serve.

This is an interesting picture of students in China. When the temperature is extremely hot, they place ice buckets in their classrooms to create a cooling effect. Their students continue to study. When our classrooms in Baltimore are hot, our students are permitted to go home.

Which students perform the best on their tests? Which students are overachievers in the classroom endeavors?

We need to find ways to cool off our classrooms during extremely hot days - get air conditioning into our classrooms. Our students are competing with their peers from around the world. We lose if our students are not in the classroom learning.

UBC Church Picnic

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The wait is over!

Tomorrow the Union Baptist Church will hold its Annual Church Wide Picnic at Patapsco State Park from 12:30 pm. to dusk.

It promises to be an exciting and joyous day of celebration, fun and fellowship. It's good to let your hair down once and a while, laugh, eat and enjoy the sweet communion of your Christian family and friends.

Who says that believers have to be prudish and stoic?

"Laughter workest like good medicine for the soul."

Enjoy the kinship of believers once and a while and you will discover that there ain't no party like a holy ghost party.

Dwayne Wade

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Who would have imagined that Dwayne Wade was the man? Clearly he engineered the deal for Chris Bosh and LeBron James to join him in Miami. If you have ever been to South Beach, the climate and culture is enough to make anyone want to play there; but with this lineup, they will create match-up problems for every other team in the East and West. We also know who Dwade has on his phone's fab five: LeBron, Chris, Pat, Charles, and Gabrielle. Don't know why I wrote that; I'm meddling. Dwade is a big boy and has now proven he is the man! Clearly this will be the most exciting team on the floor in the NBA. They will be on television, literally everyday.

Mr. Jerry Brown

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For my friends in California, you have a no-brainer: Mr. Jerry Brown for Governor.

He is a career politician who has proved that he has the interest of people at heart. He is a manager of municipal systems: as Governor and as Mayor of Oakland. He is a visionary with the uncanny ability to see into the future and understand trends. He was way ahead on the environment and renewable energy sources. He was way ahead on using technology and intellectual capital. He was way ahead on diversity and inclusion. He missed his shot for President. I still have my brown button. Against Whitman, my friends in California should elect Mr. Jerry Brown as their next Governor.


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What is going on with the Postal Service? Every time you turn around they are announcing that they are raising the price of postage. It's literally the Chinese torture test. That's when you are tortured by the steading dripping of water upon your head until you go crazy. The never ending increases are driving me in that direction. The Postage Service needs to find a way to compete in this internet, technological society; instead of continuing their old model of doing business. Simply raising prices without improving services will speed up their demise.

Ms. Carla Hayden

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Sister Carla Hayden is the truth! She has transformed the Enoch Pratt Library system into a world class facility. Good news continues to come from our system under her leadership. She has national creditability as a leader in the field. She has earned the respect of President Obama. She has provided access to those who need to keep pace with the rapidly changing field of technology. And, the services of Enoch Pratt Library are free. This is the best deal in the City of Baltimore. Keep on keeping on, my sister!

Mr. John Crowder

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It is disgusting to realize that people within our community once again resort to gun violence and murder of a young African American Male. By every news report, Mr. John Crowder, was a young man with a bright future ahead of him. He was beginning to develop support systems that was assisting him with overcoming the challenges of his family and his past. He was gifted with size and talent. He was showing up on the radar screens of Division I basketball programs. He had many thing goings for him, except some thugs who were incapable of resolving their differences in an amiable way. Murder is murder and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Senseless murder is an atrocity and every moral person should be outraged that this plague is showing no signs of dissipation.

Finding Your Center

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Our Summer Sizzler Sermon Series begins this Sunday, July 4th, I will preach a seven part series under the theme, "When Your Sermon is a Song." This Sunday's message is entitled, "Finding Your Center." The scripture reference is John 15: 11, "I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete."(NIV).

My argument is that you find your center when you experience,
"Jesus's joy."

As Richard Smallwood writes, "Jesus is the center of my joy!"

Have a blessed Sunday holiday. Peace!

Mr. Darryn Zewalk

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Many thanks to Mr. Darryn Zewalk who permitted me to listen to the title track of his forthcoming CD, "Situation." The hook he uses is powerful and forceful.

"Lord I got a situation going on in my life, only You can make it right."

Get ready for the release, this CD will bless you as you travel through your day's journey. We all encounter situations and its refreshing to know that you can play this CD to point you in the right direction. It has a soothing rhythmic beat that allows you to pat your feet, while the lyrics soothes your soul.

Be on the lookout, "Situation."

Got to give a shout out to Sister Serena Williams. She has won another Wimbledon title. She makes us proud! She has the heart and strength of a champion. You go girl!

I'm going to England next month and to see for myself this magnificent tennis complex.

For the past 15 years, State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy has been a constant voice of reason in the midst of our criminal justice system. She understands that the people who find themselves in the system she manages require not only jurisprudence, but also social services. She has been a forceful city-wide leader who has been accessible to all segments of our community. No stranger to local churches and community leaders, she is well respected and eminently qualified to continue serving all the people of Baltimore City. Supposedly a "serious" candidate is about to enter the race for the office she holds. That's the beauty of our democratic system; when it is election time, anyone who has the desire may register as a candidate for any office.

In this instance, I would say to The Honorable Patricia Jessamy; the community has got your back!

Don't Look Back!

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One of the saddest things I have witnessed in life is people who instead of moving forward are always looking back. Memory lane is a tough place to get stuck. Yesterday is gone! How is it possible to adopt the view that your past was better than you future. Step into this new day with the bright hope of seeing new mercies, with the encouragement that you will make it, and with the desire to change things for the better. You were blessed to discover that your bed became your spring board and not a cooling board. You are alive! God woke you up this morning. This is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it! Break bad habits! Adopt new choices! Think on those things that are lovely and those things that are pure! By the grace of God you will make it!

Little Italy Movie Night

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I never look at someone else and say that their ice is colder than mine. Nevertheless, I'm somewhat envious of my friends in Little Italy who are able to project a movie on a building in their neighborhood, bring out their lawn chairs, and relax and enjoy movies together. What a novel idea to generate harmony and fellowship. Where is a blank wall in our community for us to show movies? Michael Johnson has the set-up. We just need the place.

Guns on display

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What a terrible sight to wake up to this morning? The Baltimore Police Department placed on display the 76 guns they recovered over the last 10 days. Obviously this is a needle in a haystack.

How can you begin to estimate the number of guns in the hands of those who would use them? Every community is besieged by senseless shootings. Using guns to settle disputes, or for aggressive action is so prominent in movies, television and videos that your senses become numb to this very act of violence; making it appear that to use a gun is the thing to do when in trouble or when you want revenge.

When will we learn to beat our swords (guns) into plow sheers?

Mr. Michael Jordan

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Still the at the top of the class for the National Basketball Association, the players involved in free agency have a ways to go to meet the standards MJ has set for a basketball player. In his prime which lasted for a while, he dominated the game like no other. Also, he was a winner! He built the Nike brand into a worldwide phenomena. He draws money like a sleeve. Sure wish he had more discipline in his personal life.


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I'm reading the poem "Footprints" which describes a situation of a person walking along life with God; only to discover that when there were difficult moments, there were only one set of footprints. The questions is ask, "where were you God in the difficult moments." God answers that when you see one set of footprints, "that when I was carrying you." I'm so thankful that God does carry you through the difficult moments in your life. Thank you God!

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