Posted by Unknown Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All across America we need to engage in deep faithful prayer that the Senate will confirm Rev. Dr. Susan D. Johnson Cook as Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. Yes, President Obama has nominated "SuJay"!

Dr. Johnson Cook has proven throughout her career that God has favored her to access doors that only He could open. She was an Advisor to President William J. Clinton. She is a personal friend of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is a religious advisor to President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. She was the first female President of the Hampton University Minister's Conference. She founded the Bronx Christian Fellowship Church in New York in 1996.

Critics have already begun to suggest that she is inexperienced in foreign policy. Who would be better mentors than The Honorable Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton?

Well the critics may as well take a back seat on this one.

"What's is for you is for you!"

"Ambassador Rev. Dr. Susan Johnson Cook"

I like how that sounds.

She is eminently qualified because God has prepared her for such a time as this.



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