Mrs. Shirley Sherrod

Posted by Unknown Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mrs. Shirley Sherrod may be the woman who carries President Obama to a second term. When your read the story of Ms. Sherrod you will discover that she has been in the human and civil rights struggle all of her life. A woman of faith who is married to a Baptist Minister carries herself with the dignity of a first lady. She has poise, class, and is extremely competent. She handles news casts like a professional. She has charisma that exudes through the television lens. She is the perfect non-political national spokesperson who can step to the plate and discussion race, discrimination, poverty, and government programs. I pray that she carefully weight her next move. She is too significant and substantive a personality to be relegated to some desk job away from the glare of media. Her life experiences have prepared her for this moment. She should step into the destiny God has ordained for her. Like Rosa Parks, she is our African American Queen for such a time as this!


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