No $104 Million Dollar Juvenile Jail

Posted by Unknown Friday, July 23, 2010

Governor Martin O'Malley has a decision to make that will impact the juvenile justice system forever and this election for Maryland's Governor.

Does he follow the flawed planning begun by the Ehrlich administration? Or, does he chart a new course towards ameliorating the disconnect between juveniles in need of services and rehabilitation versus incarceration.

On the table is a proposed $104 Million Dollar juvenile jail that is based upon a flawed analysis of need. Planning was begun in 2005 which does not take into account the realities of 2010. If constructed it will place a costly jail which is over-sized by current needs. It will create the atmosphere that we must fill up the jail with juveniles versus created systems that will slow their decent into this system. There are alternatives that are being placed on the table for consideration. There are models of successful juvenile support systems that Maryland could adopt. In this climate of fiscal restraint, spending $104 million on a capital project of this type makes little sense.

Governor O'Malley don't follow the course set by the former Governor; establish a new course towards a brighter horizon.

If you do not change this direction, your inaction will support the premise that maybe we need Enrlich back in office to continue destructive policies towards our youth.


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