Mr. George Steinbrenner

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, July 13, 2010

These were two characters: Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner. The Yankee owner hired and fired Billy Martin five times. Early this morning Mr. George Steinbrenner heard his own strike three as his final at bat ended. His passing leave a major void in the colorful personality driven sports franchise owners.

His ego was the largest. His wallet was the biggest. I visited his spring training camp in Tampa Bay Florida. There I got an autographed baseball cap by Mickey Rivers.

When you think about the New York Yankees, you instantly zero in on the biggest names in the sport. Many of those names were on his payroll and very few left to seek greener pastures. His grass was the greenest. Yankee Stadium and New York is the market all ballplayers seek to be.

"You only have a minute, only sixty seconds in it, forced upon us, didn't seek it; but its up to us to use it. We will give account if we abuse it. Just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it."

The seconds of Mr. Steinbrenner's life has wound down. Now he is in eternity!


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