Mr. Billy Murphy, Attorney at Law

Posted by Unknown Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving quickly to the top of the line of effective and efficient law firms in the world is Murphy P.A. Better known as Billy Murphy Law Firm. Our home grown legal eagle is knocking down barriers and winning awards in record fashion. We are proud of Billy who practices the law on behalf of those who need forceful advocates. His understanding of legal procedure and legal application is second to none. He has standing by his side Mr. Hassan Murphy, his son, who he is grooming to become one of the leading attorneys in American. This is all happening right here in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Murphy is building a world class firm right here. I am proud to know him and so happy our paths crossed many years ago. If you may every need the advice or assistance of a legal professional, look no further than to Billy Murphy. His very name strikes fear in his adversaries.


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