Mr. Larry Gibson

Posted by Unknown Monday, July 19, 2010

I applaud Professor Larry Gibson for stepping into the election debate for the re-election of State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy. He is an astute observer of politics and understands what is at stake in this election. State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy has been an active in her position. She has provided a positive example that the role of the prosecutor is to educate, adjudicate, and to make certain that legislative laws are in place for effective crime fighting. She has deal with the various political factions in this city to press the case for more resources in her office. She has worked tireless to involve the community in the work of her office. She has hired a diverse workforce that reflects the demographics of our city. I appreciate the entry of Professor Gibson into the debate to make certain that the any allegations being made against Ms. Jessamy are immediate exposed as untrue. This campaign is too important to include any deception. This is one campaign were the community will not be lulled to sleep. We will be vigilant on every front and vocal in our support for State's Attorney Patrica Jessamy.


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