The Trip To Bountiful

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"The Trip To Bountiful, according to press notes, tells the story of 'Carrie Watts, an elderly woman who dreams of returning to her small hometown of Bountiful, Texas one last time, against the wishes of her overprotective son and domineering daughter-in-law. Her journey becomes a heartbreaking but ultimately life-affirming and inspiring tale that examines the fragility of memory and celebrates the enduring power of hope and faith."

Do you have dreams of returning to the place of your youth? Are the memories of your childhood, your parents and siblings, and your friends worth revisiting? For some people those memories are as alluring as a moth is to a flame. For others those memories are as repulsive as toxic fumes. What are the ingredients that makes the different between the two experiences?

I believe it is the following:

1) A transformative spiritual encounter which couples ones understanding of God with key experiences in your childhood.

2) Loving authority figures who produced a sense of discipline and order, but also, sprinkled in love and affirmation.

3) Wholesome play activities that teamed sportsmanship, team work, and collaboration. These types of experiences are counter the " dog eat dog" and " win by any means mentality."

4) Life seemed safe and secure. These feeling embody the uterus sensation when you knew your were protected and well fed.

Give some thought to your childhood experiences and list the elements that either made them memorable or something you want to forget!

Honor Where Honor Is Due

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Last night I joined with 1,200 persons in paying tribute to The Honorable Chief Judge Robert M. Bell. His stellar career as a jurist in Maryland carried him to the its highest judicial office. The accolades were sincere and profound. It was fitting to give him honor for the life he's lived.

Many persons look for their day in the sum. A day when the spotlight shines on them. Too often we live selfish lives and as a result there are so few who have benefited from the life we have lived.

God challenges is to live for him so that we may live for others. Real honor is not for us, it is for Him.

For Every Mountain

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Listening this morning to a song sung by Kurt Carr that I posted to my Facebook page entitled, "For Every Mountain."

My thanks to the officers and members of Union Baptist Church for their gracious luncheon last Sunday. I was deeply humbled by the many expressions. I'm thankful to my extended family of The Brice's, The Wright's and The Black's who shared special moments with me. I love and respect my sister Kathy, my brother Kevin, and my nephews Kyle and Kolbe who helped me cut the cake and blow out candles. To my wife, Kathleen, my son Alvin Jr, my daughter Sheneika, and my daughter Adaria; they are the wind beneath my wings. To each of you who used Facebook as the medium to send expressions of well wishes, I thank you for your thoughtfulness.

The words of this song have special meaning,
"For waking me up this morning
That's why I praise you
For sending me on my way
That's who I praise you
Fr letting me see the sunshine
Of a brand new day
A brand new mercy
Along with each new day
That's why I praise You and for this
I give you praise"

"For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give you praise."

Thanks everyone for making my birthday a special day indeed.

Thanks be to God for the journey!