The Trip To Bountiful

Posted by Unknown Sunday, April 21, 2013

"The Trip To Bountiful, according to press notes, tells the story of 'Carrie Watts, an elderly woman who dreams of returning to her small hometown of Bountiful, Texas one last time, against the wishes of her overprotective son and domineering daughter-in-law. Her journey becomes a heartbreaking but ultimately life-affirming and inspiring tale that examines the fragility of memory and celebrates the enduring power of hope and faith."

Do you have dreams of returning to the place of your youth? Are the memories of your childhood, your parents and siblings, and your friends worth revisiting? For some people those memories are as alluring as a moth is to a flame. For others those memories are as repulsive as toxic fumes. What are the ingredients that makes the different between the two experiences?

I believe it is the following:

1) A transformative spiritual encounter which couples ones understanding of God with key experiences in your childhood.

2) Loving authority figures who produced a sense of discipline and order, but also, sprinkled in love and affirmation.

3) Wholesome play activities that teamed sportsmanship, team work, and collaboration. These types of experiences are counter the " dog eat dog" and " win by any means mentality."

4) Life seemed safe and secure. These feeling embody the uterus sensation when you knew your were protected and well fed.

Give some thought to your childhood experiences and list the elements that either made them memorable or something you want to forget!



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