Always Play To Win

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last night's game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat should teach us all a lesson-always play to win. By all estimation Miami was the runaway favorite to sweep the series. With four time league MVP, LeBron James, and two high paid superstars and a strong supporting cast, everyone was prepared to just give them a championship ring. The Bulls with key people injured and a starting point guard under 6 ft, no one gave them a chance to compete, much less win.

Oh, did they win. Even with the odds against them, even playing on Miami's court, and even with sport's critics analyzing them; they won.

It illustrated that when you are in the game, don't just show up, don't just participate, play to win.

If the tiny acorn can become a mighty tree, if David can beat Goliath, then you have the ability to win your contest-if only you believe.

Regardless of what happens in the series, the Bulls have taught us all a major lesson-always play to win.



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