Light in the Night

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Darkness falls in everyone's life, those moments when you feel alone and experience doubt. Darkness can create a sense of anxiety when you may wonder if you have lost your way. Darkness can challenge your confidence when you think the enemy is stronger than you.

Jesus would always say, "fear not." He says that because He is the light of the world. Light defeats darkness. In Him you gain the confidence to go on, the strength to persevere, and have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

The moon light, sun light, or day light of God chases darkness away.

Tools and Talent

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We have work to do to build up the Body of Jesus Christ.

Politically we have lost our way by emphasizing the interest of classes we neglect the needs of the masses. We have the tools, but need the talent.

Spiritually God has given us the working tools of faith, hope, mercy and love. Your tools are the spiritual gifts God has given you. If you use your gift with God's tools, you will move mountains.

The sin of our times is tools and equipment, but no people. Yes the laborers are still few.

Staying on Point

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Staying on point is a phrase with military implications. It refers to the soldiers who are on the perimeter with the objective to be vigilant and guard the base against the enemy.

In a spiritual sense "staying on point" means to guard oneself from the enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. To guard against the satanic forces you need the whole armor of God's protection. You need a prayer fill life and to be empowered with divine purpose.

Conference Call

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Getting ready for a business conference call. There will be a number of people on the line who will participate. The purpose of the call is to expand job services into an urban community. While this effort is laudable, I'm so thankful I had an early morning conference with God. It was a one on one. He told me everything will be alright.

Only God is everlasting

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Who would have predicted that the Crystal Cathedral would ever be put on the auction block? Dr Robert Schuller's "Hour of Power" was the premier television program for evangelistic purposes. The campus and it's artifacts we're world renown. What happened that caused the tithes and offerings to fall so short of expresses that they had to declare bankruptcy?

I have learned that only God is eternal. The very best that man can do is temporal.

 God gifts each individual with divine beauty. Just like this flower, its alright to stand out in the midst of the landscape. Your brilliance is your boldness. Your beauty is your bounty. Allow your light to shine in such a way that people will glorify your Father who is in heaven.

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Start the week right

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Dietitians are advocating the importance of eating right. Emphasis is being placed on fresh fruits and vegetables. I place my emphasis on living right and everything else falls into place. Begin each day with a healthy portion of praise and thanksgiving.

Sharing food together

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Visited this restaurant in Carmel, Indiana. It's the first of its kind. The concept is simple. A full array of food items in each course served on plates so they can be shared among those in the party. I was with a party of four and sample foods I would not have ordered on my own. Point! In God's kingdom when you shared you will discover there is more than enough to go around. "Press down shaken together and running over."

Over Your Head

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What creates a canopy over your head? When you look up, what do you see? Pressure can cause you to never look up by keeping your eyes on things on the ground. My faith in God suggests that you can look up and see the glory of the Lord.

Inevitably we get thirsty and need a drink of water. In a spiritual sense we become thirsty too. We may try to quench that thirst in many ways, but unless you drink from the fountain of Jesus' love; it will not be quenched. Accept the offer of Jesus to drink from His fountain that never runs dry.

On Eagles Wings

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Man is able to travel the air by plane to many distant places. You get a ticket and board your plane and fly to your destination.

God has promised us that we will mount up on the wings of an eagle.

In this promise God wants us to know that with Him we will fly vertically towards Him.

That's good news in world of horizontal relationships, God provides a means for us to have a vertical relationship with Him.

Last Sunday, I preached an eulogy for my father, Charlie Abraham Hathaway, entitled, "The Steps of a Good Father." His transition commenced on Memorial Day and was concluded on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

What an amazing man! He spent much of his years interacting with his family, raising his grandchildren, and demonstrating his love of God.

He never raised his voice. Yet, his words were listened to and respected by all. His very presence communicated that he was comfortable in his own skin and knew who he was and whose he was.

I'm convinced beyond any measure, this tremendous man of God is in heaven. Heaven is the place of God, the place in God and the place with God.

I committed his body to the ground, but I commend his spirit to God.

P.S. For those who asked me about my blog, I'm back!

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