Mr. Samuel Yette

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I was sadden to learn of the passing of Mr. Samuel Yette. Many of you may remember his seminal book, "The Choice." It was written in 1971, after a stint in the Johnson Administration. He alerted the community to the rise of the prison industrial complex. I had the opportunity to meet him in 1972, when he spoke at a breakfast at Union Baptist Church. He discussed how plans were being made to privatize prisons and the profitability of privatization was depended upon the increased incarceration rates of people of color. How true and prophetic he was! He discussed how major corporate interests were taking control of community orientated training and jobs programs as a way to create income and increase corporations bottom lines. True again! I commend anyone to read, "The Choice." It should be mandatory reading for any person between the ages of 16 - 21 years. Mr. Sam Yette, a true prophet for all time!

Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock

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Ms. Anna Deavere Smith

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Ms. Anna Deavere Smith, the niece of a member of Union Baptist Church, is playing in a one woman play at the Arena Stage for American Theater in Washington, D.C. I missed her performance when she was off Broadway in New York. I understand that in her play she makes mention of Union Baptist Church and one of our long ago sainted members, Ms. Effie James, who at her transition was 104 years old.

I believe Mr. Otis Rolley will greatly enhance the political debate regarding the direction of Baltimore City. I caution our sitting Mayor to view his candidacy in a serious way. It's too late now, but a smart move would have been to have made him the head of DHCD and Public Housing.

Now persons interested in running for the office of Mayor will have to debate a serious, thoughtful candidate who has studied the City and has a plan for its renaissance.

Let me serve notice to all, Mr. Otis Rolley is running for the office of Mayor of the City of Baltimore!

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"That year they ate of the produce of Canaan." Joshua 5: 12

After a period of wandering in the desert, the Hebrew people arrived in Canaan and experience the land flowing with milk and honey.

Many of us have experienced a period of desolation, desperation, and/or depression, the good news of 2011 is that this is the year you will eat from the bounty God has prepared for you.

The prospect is exciting. This is your year to experience all that God has in store for you. It's waiting just over the horizon and its right in the midst of your desert.

It's where faith and prayer connect with the promises of God.

This year let us leave every negative thought and action in the wilderness and let us move into the promise of a new year with rejoicing and exceedingly joy knowing that we have made it "thus far by faith leaning on the Lord."

The Bible records that people ate angel's food long ago, why can't we eat it now? Let us all pray for the grace of God that will permit us to eat of the produce of the land of Canaan this year!

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