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How many people are still eating turkey? I like turkey salad. I like turkey with gravy. I like turkey sandwiches. I like turkey. President Obama gave the traditional pardon to a turkey, but all of his cousins and relatives didn't get any breaks. I wonder how much turkey is consumed on Thanksgiving? Well, I pray every one's holiday was enjoyable and that you experienced the peace and presence of family and friends.

Free The Grapes

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One of the issues brewing as the Maryland State Legislature prepares to return to session after the holidays is a bill that would permit wineries to ship wine directly to consumers. Maryland is one of a few states that doesn't permit direct shipping. As a result Marylanders have to go to a retailer who has bought the wine from a wholesaler to pick up their favorite blend of grapes.

While I have given up drinking long ago, I do support the right of each individual who chooses to buy directly from the vine yard. The appropriate taxes could still be assessed. While some of the markup would be reduced because "grapes" would not have to move through extra sets of hands.

The Maryland Legislature should free the grapes to be consumed directly by persons who seek to buy directly from the winery.

Thanksgiving Holiday

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Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends. As you pray remember that there are those who struggle with holiday depression and with the financial recession. While the poor will always be with us we are still commanded to look at for the last, the least, and the lost. Therefore, always know that random acts of kindness are always in order. Especially during the holiday season. Be blessed and continue to be a blessing. Peace!

Rev. Jesse Jackson

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How many persons remember 1984 when we where excited about Rev. Jesse Jackson's run for the Presidency? I was in this room in Washington. D.C. when the announcement was made. After a closed door meeting in Atlanta the day before where African American leaders were meeting to decision who would run; the Rev. Jackson steps out of the room to waiting media to announce that he would run. To everyone surprise Rev. Jackson became the candidate because he was bold enough to say, "I will run." At that time, only Marion Berry had the infrastructure to run a national campaign. Hence we came to know Ivanhoe Donaldson and Donna Brazile. Mr. Donaldson later ran into difficulties. But, Ms. Brazile has gone on to a successful career as a political consultant and media personality. At 19 years old, she was one of the key organizers of the 1983 March on Washington where Stevie Wonder released, "Happy Birthday" in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those where some bold days that helped usher in this period of "Hope." Let's not blow this wonderful opportunity to put in place a national structure for running and supporting candidates of good will.

Light Bulb Moment

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When will the light bulb click on and people come to realize that honesty is the beat policy. Two many people in positions of responsibility are squandering their moral character over tawdry incidents of indiscretion. From Big City Mayors to Congress persons to government workers, the front news is filled with legal maneuvering among defense and prosecutors making charges and counter charges. The general public is left with a sense that the moral character of our countries leaders are weak. How does one stand for righteousness, if you are dodging accusations of wrong doing? What examples do youth have to follow when public officials have to walk around with the proverbial egg on their faces? Whether on a national, state or local level far too many persons are being haul into a court of justice to answer for actions done in the dark shadows of their lives. When will people learn that they have to live in the light of the day. When will people learn what my mother use to say, "what is done in the dark will come to the light."

Christmas Baskets for Our People

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The Pastors, Churches and Institutions within the Upton Community of West Baltimore are planning a major Christmas Basket program. Church leaders will gather at Union Baptist Church, 1219 Druid Hill Avenue on Wednesday, December 17th from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. to preach the Good News from the theme, "Reclaiming Our Community by Reaching the Heights of the Promise."

5 preachers will preach 5 sermons within forty five minutes. I'll release the line up in December. It will be explosive!

Then on Friday, December 18th we will pack and prepare over 400 Christmas Baskets for residents of the 21201/21217 Zip codes. On Saturday, December 18th the Christmas Baskets will be given out. We plan to have a special celebrity participate in the distribution.

Serving People is Fun!

A Sign of Respect?!

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Here is a hot question, should the President have bowed to the Japan's Emperor Akihito? Critics are suggesting it a sign of weakness. Others are saying its a sign of respect. For those who have traveled to the Far East would clearly understand that in their culture the younger bows to the older as a sign of respect. Within our culture we have lost the value of respect that's why men don't tip their hats to women, that's why youth don't help seniors across the street, and that's why people are killing each other.

We have lost the value of respect.

I applaud President Obama for understanding that we live in a world of human beings. If we can begin to respect each other that's when we will begin to listen to, to learn from, and to live with each other. The only job of those who oppose President Obama is to find fault in everything he does. The job of those who support this outstanding African American President is to affirm the truth of his actions.

If leaders every learn to respect one another, than maybe people will learn it too!

Food on the Table

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As the holiday season approaches, there will be many efforts to insure that families throughout America have food on the table. Holiday time is an increased season for mental and emotional stress. It is a time where persons find themselves feeling a sense of inadequacy. I feel we have a responsibility to bear each others burdens. Therefore, time some time to identify a program that will provide food to those in need in your community.

We at Union Baptist Church are collecting funds now to provide Christmas Food Baskets to members of our community. With God's grace we should be able to serve over 300 families. Our partners are Maryland General Hospital, University of Maryland Baltimore, The Korean Businessmen Association, and a forthcoming celebrity announcement of support.

Together is better!

Just a note of congratulations to my son, Alvin Hathaway, Jr., who passed the Maryland State Bar. He is now eligible to be admitted to legal practice in Maryland which is in the 4th Circuit of the U. S. Court of Appeals.

President Obama just recently appointed Judge Andre Davis to that court as a Federal Judge in Richmond, Va.

My prayers go out to both of these distinguished African American Men who make us proud as our ambassadors for righteousness within the judicial system.

Harlem Children's Zone

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Just a shout out to Brother Geoffrey Canada for the successful conference this past weekend highlighting the efforts and successes of the Harlem Children's Zone in New York. What is interesting to note is the commitment of many partners to eliminate the conditions that inhibit success for children and families and to not accept failure of any child in their academic or career pursuit. They have redefined the concept of wrap-around services to include every individual that the program touches receives the assistance they need to make it in our society. The challenge to communities such as Baltimore is to generate the political will to tackle a neighborhood with the holistic perspective of bringing overwhelming force to eliminate slum blight, low test scores, health disparities, and inequality in any form. Several communities are completing for this distinction. Some of the communities who are seeking to position itself as a "Promise Neighborhood" have had many attempts in the past to reverse the trends. I'm advocating and working for the Upton Community to become the "Promise Neighborhood" because of the tremendous assets contained within this historic West Baltimore Community: world class medical institutions, historic churches, state agencies, and its proximity to downtown Baltimore. Furthermore, all of the negative social indicators are present within this community. Yet, it has a network of schools to build upon and a community of interested and committed community leaders.

Health Care for All

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We can be very proud of a President who doesn't forget where he came from. These pictures are of President Obama as "the man" and as "a child." Now the children and people of America will have health care coverage with the passage of the bill through the House of Representatives. Now, the Senate needs to approve its version of the bill and send it to Conference Committee to work out the details. Change is complex. Change has a cost. Change is what the average America needs. Congratulations President Obama and the members of the House of Representatives who voted to address the needs of others: 219 Democrats and 1 Republican.

When will the Republicans ever learn that fighting against the needs of everyday Americans is a losing position?

No amount of rationalization will take our country back to a era when the needs of people are on the back burner.

We must never rest and never relent. Change is a aspect of freedom.

Grover Washington Jr.

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Does anyone remember the soulful sounds of Grover Washington? When the weekend came his sound ushered in the merriment of a house party with your friends.

I can remember chilling out in Philadelphia at his Annual Jazz event.

The old days where good! The memories are great!

Instability of the mind and the pressures of our society are leading people to do inhumane things to other people. Senseless killing is a shock to our cultural norm. We are shocked by the public outbreaks of mass murders.

We are immune to the daily killings that occur in American urban areas everyday.

Is there a solution to humans killing other humans?

I wish we could identify a remedy to this unfortunate phenomena.

Soul Man? Michael Steele

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What if you went to sleep one night and then woke up the next morning and the President of the United States was Michael Steele? That is a daunting thought! Just offered this blog because sometimes you just need to laugh out loud.

I will give Steele credit for being able to maneuver around and through obstacles to end up with a good job. He is getting paid. He is getting national exposure. He is the most visible African American within the Republican party. If that is all he wanted he has accomplished his goal.

Clarence Thomas accomplished his.

The scripture reminds us, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?"

Finding a Great City

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Does anyone recognize this city? Hint: The twins towers was featured in the movie, "Entrapment" starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Second hint: It is not in America.

As African American people we must regain our sense of travel and adventurous zeal. We are descendants of great migrators who traveled distant lands by sea, land, and now air. Our world is getting smaller. Our reach is getting wider.

Be safe in your travels. The spirit of God is everywhere.

Tyler Perry and Spike Lee

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Why do we have to make a choice between the two producers? Why does one have to be critical of the other? Why can't we just get along?

We cannot have a short sighted view of obtaining wealth in America. Wealth is intergenerational. Real wealth is not obtained in one lifetime. We need African American people about empire building.

Therefore, I applaud both of these men for entering into a world of movie making with nothing but their God given talent. They both have made an impact on the production of films. They have provided opportunities for talent to have a media of expression. They have created jobs. They have succeeded against all odds. Brother Spike should direct his tirades against a system of exploitation that pigeon holes all screenwriters into producing films, stories, and shows that require white distribution systems and funding to get to the marketplace. The beauty of the marketplace is there is room for all products. Therefore, references to times when African Americans had no clout in the movie making industry is not relevant to today when Tyler Perry, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Will and Jada Smith and Spike Lee are proving that they don't have to bend over to have their products produced and distributed. The African American Marketplace is saying by their spending dollars; there is room for them in our pocketbooks.

Drop the criticism and build a distribution network that doesn't require White approval of the products your creative geniuses have in mind.

SCLC's New President

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I must commend Rev. Bernice King for stepping up to the plate as the new President of SCLC. Her challenge will be to chart her own course and develop a relationship with the everyday people of America.

Unfortunately, I believe she may very well be trapped in the role of a public image without public support.

If she is willing to do the grass roots organizing throughout America that is necessary, she can be effective. But if she is reduced to preaching, speaking, and televised appearances, she will be ineffective in mobilizing the masses. If the role of charismatic leader is her choice, she will have a difficult time relating to the youth of America, particularly our African American youth who are disenchanted with the status quo. But, if she is willing to take the road less traveled, visiting the local communities of America and "taking it to the streets" she may have a marvelous chance to chart her own course and make her own way.

I pray she choses the latter.

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