Tyler Perry and Spike Lee

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why do we have to make a choice between the two producers? Why does one have to be critical of the other? Why can't we just get along?

We cannot have a short sighted view of obtaining wealth in America. Wealth is intergenerational. Real wealth is not obtained in one lifetime. We need African American people about empire building.

Therefore, I applaud both of these men for entering into a world of movie making with nothing but their God given talent. They both have made an impact on the production of films. They have provided opportunities for talent to have a media of expression. They have created jobs. They have succeeded against all odds. Brother Spike should direct his tirades against a system of exploitation that pigeon holes all screenwriters into producing films, stories, and shows that require white distribution systems and funding to get to the marketplace. The beauty of the marketplace is there is room for all products. Therefore, references to times when African Americans had no clout in the movie making industry is not relevant to today when Tyler Perry, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Will and Jada Smith and Spike Lee are proving that they don't have to bend over to have their products produced and distributed. The African American Marketplace is saying by their spending dollars; there is room for them in our pocketbooks.

Drop the criticism and build a distribution network that doesn't require White approval of the products your creative geniuses have in mind.


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