Rev. Jesse Jackson

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How many persons remember 1984 when we where excited about Rev. Jesse Jackson's run for the Presidency? I was in this room in Washington. D.C. when the announcement was made. After a closed door meeting in Atlanta the day before where African American leaders were meeting to decision who would run; the Rev. Jackson steps out of the room to waiting media to announce that he would run. To everyone surprise Rev. Jackson became the candidate because he was bold enough to say, "I will run." At that time, only Marion Berry had the infrastructure to run a national campaign. Hence we came to know Ivanhoe Donaldson and Donna Brazile. Mr. Donaldson later ran into difficulties. But, Ms. Brazile has gone on to a successful career as a political consultant and media personality. At 19 years old, she was one of the key organizers of the 1983 March on Washington where Stevie Wonder released, "Happy Birthday" in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Those where some bold days that helped usher in this period of "Hope." Let's not blow this wonderful opportunity to put in place a national structure for running and supporting candidates of good will.


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