A Sign of Respect?!

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here is a hot question, should the President have bowed to the Japan's Emperor Akihito? Critics are suggesting it a sign of weakness. Others are saying its a sign of respect. For those who have traveled to the Far East would clearly understand that in their culture the younger bows to the older as a sign of respect. Within our culture we have lost the value of respect that's why men don't tip their hats to women, that's why youth don't help seniors across the street, and that's why people are killing each other.

We have lost the value of respect.

I applaud President Obama for understanding that we live in a world of human beings. If we can begin to respect each other that's when we will begin to listen to, to learn from, and to live with each other. The only job of those who oppose President Obama is to find fault in everything he does. The job of those who support this outstanding African American President is to affirm the truth of his actions.

If leaders every learn to respect one another, than maybe people will learn it too!


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