A Lesson to Learn

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This is a picture of the Turkish air force, similar to our Blue Angels. This formation mimics the flight pattern of birds as they migrate south for the winter. It's a formation where the lead breaks the wind force barrier thus permitting those behind to be able to fly with less resistance. When birds use this formation the lead flies until he is tired and then falls back and another takes the point position. By working together they are able to accomplish more than they would if they worked separately.

When will we learn this lesson?

Talking about race

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It's amazing to me that organizations are sponsoring discussions on race. It's as if talking about it will solve the economic, health, and racial disparities within America. Many understand that 40 acres and a mule is a far distant dream. Many understand that reparations is an overdue remedy. Some understand that the tremendous wealth that many within the white community enjoy was derived from the no payment or underpayment of colored labor. Some understand that inventions for which patents should have been given were stolen from colored inventors. What you may not known is that slaves were taxed as property (chattel). As a result states received tax benefits for the insidious practice that forced many of our ancestors to labor and die to enrich others. States owe real money to those of us who understand that there enrichment was also upon our backs. States who derived taxes from the ownership of slaves have a outstanding debt to repay. If you want to talk about race - let's talk about that!


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On my way to a church meeting I'm praising God now for what he has done, is doing, and will do!

I have to keep reminding myself and everyone else.

This is really God's business.

Pumpkin Pie

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Does anyone like pumpkin pie?
It's that time of the year when the pumpkin comes out and are harvested. I grew up liking the taste of sweet potato. Therefore, I never acquired a taste for the pumpkin. Come to think of it what do you do with a pumpkin other than make it into a pie? I'm open for suggestions. I know there has to be other uses than simply cutting faces on to sit on the porch for the squirrels to eat. When I lived deep in the city, it was the mice who enjoyed the pumpkins on the steps.

My question still stands, "who likes pumpkin pie?'

Just thinking about how one protects their home. There was a time when we would say that "your home is your castle." Castles were protected by cannons and high walls. How do you protect your castle? In other words how do you protect your home? Locking doors, burglar alarm system, mean dog, or a trusted Smith & Wesson.

Ultimate protection is found in the saving power of Jesus Christ. In subscribe to the Passover method of protection. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ over the door posts and the people of my home. That for me is the best protection!

Swine Flu and the Church

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Today the reality of H1N1 hit home as our church took to his final rest a 21 yr old African American Male. The seriousness of this new disease has made its way into the home of one of the members of our community. The young man was good and God fearing. Nevertheless, he was stuck down so early in life. We must be very careful and learn about this and all communicable diseases. We need to take all reasonable precautions. We must learn to live healthy lifestyles.

Union Baptist - The Servant Church

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Breaking news! The Maryland State Governor's Committee on the National Register voted unanimously this morning to have the Union Baptist Church placed on the National Register of Historic Landmark places of the National Park Service. This designation insure that the contributions of Union Baptist Church to African American History in Maryland and the Nation will be forever told. The 157 year old African American Church fellowship built its main sanctuary at 1219 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217. The church structure was designed by internationally and nationally known architect, Mr. William J. Beardsley. In the midst of a "Preserving Our Sacred Space" Campaign, Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr, Senior Pastor, states, "this development enhancing our attempts to obtain federal and state funding for the total restoration of our facility. We envision a visitor's center where people can visit, learn and study the development of a faith community who has focused its ministry on serving people." I believe future generations will come to learn and respect the contributions of outstanding leaders who attended and led our church." This is an outstanding day in the work of the Lord"


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Does anyone wake up in the morning and say, "I would like to have some sushi?"

Who eats sushi?

Its amazing how Asian culture has impacted African American eating. So many people I know eat sushi on the side. Sneaking out to Asian restaurants and eating raw food. It looks pretty, but with no labels; how do you know what the nutritional values may be?

Eat it if you must. Enjoy it if you like.
My questions still remains, "who eats sushi?"

See I don't eat sushi!

I eat the California roll (smile)!

Public Schools

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Have we forgotten the awesome struggle people of color waged to end segregation in public schools? If the quest for a quality education is so fused into our DNA; why have we settled for poor schools in either the neighborhoods in which we live or the neighborhoods where we are from. When was the last time you visited a neighborhood school? Are you aware of the conditions students are forced to learn under? I visited a school around the corner from the church where I serve. I was shocked to find out that practically every student in that school was at least a grade level behind in math and reading. Without serious intervention those student will not have a chance in the real world. It would be tragic to sentence a school population to living lives or unfulfilled dreams because their educational preparation was deficient? If our ancestors had to courage to end segregation, then let us muster the courage to end low quality schools!

Dr. Cornel West

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The Man - Will Bridges

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Just a shout out to my cousin who lives and plays in South Beach Florida - Will Bridges.

He is the consummate professional who is known as one of the best musicians in Florida. If you have been to South Beach and heard any live entertainment it most likely was from either him or members of his organization.
He carries on the tradition of musicians within my family who understands "real" music.

Play on Player!

The 50th Law

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For some people today is a holiday.

What are you reading?

I believe a person should read a new book on a different subject at least twice a month. Currently I'm reading, among others, "The 50th Law." It's well written and easily readable. I recommend it to those of you who treasure reading as a spiritual discipline.

President Barrack Obama

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The world is witnessing a miracle in the life and times of President Barrack Obama. It is a joy to behold the unseen hand of God at work in the world today.

Our prayer should be that God will work in him and us to restore all fallen humanity.


Skipping Work

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Sometimes I just feel like sleeping in. With all the problems in the world why get out of the bed. Isn't dreaming refreshing? I'm reminded by these words, "nothing comes to a sleeper, but a dream." Therefore, I guess I will get up being thankful that my sleeping bed was a spring board and not a cooling board. Morning by Morning New Mercies I see.

Let us all wake up there is much to do.

New Discovery

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It is amazing to me that man finds himself always discovering what God has already done. In our discovery we often failed to give credit to the Creator and instead act as if the discovery is greater than the creation.

Man continues to attempt to build his Tower of Babel.

When will we learn that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof and all that dwells therein.

I'm so thankful we serve a God with unlimited creative ability.

Dropped the ball

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In the Ravens recent loss, a key play was Mark Clayton dropping a pass which appeared very catchable. In other words he dropped the ball!

I wondered how many times in life have you dropped the ball: in conversation with people who need a word from the Lord - no comment - dropped the ball. In your lifestyle when the high calling of Jesus Christ become a low moment in your journey - dropped the ball. When called upon to serve and you find an excuse not to serve - dropped the ball.

I am so glad that I serve a risen savior- Jesus Christ - who when called upon to execute the play that would save my soul - he didn't drop the ball.

For that I am eternally thankful.

Mr. Charles A. Hathaway

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October 3rd is the 87th birthday of Mr. Charles Hathaway, my father. He has become the oldest living male in our family. God has blessed him with longevity and wisdom. In my life I cannot remember a Sunday when he didn't attend church. He attends Pennsylvania Avenue AME Zion Church for their 8:00 a.m. service and them comes to Union Baptist Church for our 11:00 a.m. service. It is a joy to have his spirit as a part of our fellowship. He is a good father, uncle, grandfather, and friend. He provided day care to both of my children and had a profound influence on them. He never drove and because he walked and used public transportation; he is still mobile today. His walking has kept him in shape and his discipline eating habits has strengthen him. His faith in God has been a pillar of strength for all of our family. I proud to say he is my father and the man I seek to emulate.

Happy Birthday Pop! You are loved, respected, and treasured.

Rio De Janerio 2016

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I took this picture on Ipanema beach in Rio De Janerio that was announcing the Olympics in 2016. I wish I could have briefed President Obama that they this is one of the wonderful venues in the world to hold the Olympic games.

The infusion of funds will greatly assist their economy and create jobs so desperately needed. In the midst of this beauty and wealth the poverty is devastating to see. The rooms will be sky high. I'll have to watch on television and reminisce.

Congratulations to Rio De Janerio for this wonderful opportunity to showcase your beautiful city and transform conditions for your people.

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