Public Schools

Posted by Unknown Friday, October 16, 2009

Have we forgotten the awesome struggle people of color waged to end segregation in public schools? If the quest for a quality education is so fused into our DNA; why have we settled for poor schools in either the neighborhoods in which we live or the neighborhoods where we are from. When was the last time you visited a neighborhood school? Are you aware of the conditions students are forced to learn under? I visited a school around the corner from the church where I serve. I was shocked to find out that practically every student in that school was at least a grade level behind in math and reading. Without serious intervention those student will not have a chance in the real world. It would be tragic to sentence a school population to living lives or unfulfilled dreams because their educational preparation was deficient? If our ancestors had to courage to end segregation, then let us muster the courage to end low quality schools!


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