Dr. Andres Alonso

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dr. Andres Alonso is the CEO of our Baltimore City Public School System. He deserves an extension to continue the educational reform program he has initiated within Baltimore City. A strong-willed tough administrator, he has proven to me over and over again a true and sincere heart for insuring that our youth have the best educational system available to them. He has had and will continue to have hurdles to cross to accomplish his goals.

Nevertheless, I have not seen anything thus far that would cause me to say his job has ended.

There is more that he can do with the support of the community to transform our school system.

For example, The Performing Arts School at Booker T. Washington Middle around the corner from the church were I serve has hired an African American Ph.D. educator as its principal. She just happens to be a 30ish African American female; a proven administrator and a positive role model for the female population that makes up the majority of the schools population.

As the capable leader of our school system, he is attracting the talent that will make our system the best in America.

Extend his contact and keep him in place to finish the job.


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