Monument for Fallen Heroes

Posted by Unknown Saturday, September 15, 2012

Too often the contributions of our ancestors are easily forgotten. Therefore every effort should be made to create memorials so future generations will have some method of awareness that contributions had been made.

In scripture Moses commanded the Hebrew people to gather stones from the base of the Jordan as evidence to future generations that God had rolled back the sea which permitted them to cross over.

Time and time again I have seen this impressive monument in the middle of a round a bout in Inner Harbor East. I curiously have admired it but never ventured to find out anything about it.

Yesterday I inspected the monument up close and discovered it was for the fallen Polish soldiers who fought a famous battle in Poland!

Wow! Right in the middle of one of the most amazing redevelopments in Baltimore is a monument for fallen Polish heroes.

My hat is off to the distinguish people who made this possible. We may not understand but they definitely understood the importance of placing stones as monuments to significant events and people in there past.

We all must honor our ancestors' accomplishments that built bridges for us to cross over into the dry land of progress and prosperity.



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