The Steps of a Good Father

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After more than a month I listened to the CD of the service for my father, Charles Abraham Hathaway. I made the transition from participant to observer. The service was outstanding and very moving.

I reached the part of the service for the eulogy. I had to listen to me preach with a new set of ears. The message ministered to my spirit. The central theme of the "steps of a good father" was maintained throughout the message. It was delivered with loving power, humor, clarity, Biblical integrity, and was not nostalgic.

When the hook for the close was introduced, "he almost made me shout." It was eased into the message in a manner that no one would have known we were coming to the crescendo.

I remember vividly when I went for the close to explain that in the end Dad did shout. The congregation were on their feet, shouting, waving, weeping and cheering me on as I sent Pop to glory.

I must have preached over 1,000 eulogies in my ministry career.

For Pop this was the best: God blessed me, the family and the congregation with this word.



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