Brittany Griner - Basketball All-Star

Posted by Unknown Friday, April 2, 2010

Phenomena in Women's Basketball is a rare occurrence. If you have not watched Brittany Griner play you are missing seeing a phenom in action. She is 6' 8" tall and wears a man's 18" shoe. She can dunk with two hands and one hand. She is a freshman on the Baylor University Basketball team. As Baylor is making its way to the final four, they did it by beating Georgetown, Tennessee, and Duke on the winning shot by, who else, Brittany Griner. On Sunday any person with a desire to view her in action against the undefeated team from Connecticut, who are 37 -0 this season, are destined to by entertained by one of the historic encounters in women's basketball in a long time. She is proving, only in her first year, that you don't bet against Brittany in big games. She is a big game player, a baller, and a shot caller. Easter Sunday at 9:30 p.m. I will be in front of my big screen television watching her play against one of the best women teams of all time - Connecticut.


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