Morning, Wednesday,April 28, 2010

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear God all around us the spring season speaks to life undergoing breakthroughs. Flowers, tree leaves, and all the earth is busting into a new cycle of life's energy. It appears that your power requires life to break from old circumstances, situations and predicaments into new possibilities. Scripture reminds us that "morning by morning new mercies I see." We pray for a breakthrough in our lives. A breakthrough from anything or anyone that holds us in bondage to yesterday. A breakthrough from old habits that force us to repeat dangerous lifestyles. A breakthrough from old thoughts that hamper us from thinking on "those things that are lovely and thinking on those things that are pure." If you create breakthroughs in the earth, we know that you can do the same in each one of us. We pray today for a breakthrough and by the power of your love we know it is done. Amen.

April 28, 2010


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