The Living Well

Posted by Unknown Friday, February 25, 2011

"Issac ... lived near Beer Lahai Roi." Genesis 25:11

In my Wednesday Evening Bible Study Class we have begun the study of the Book of Genesis. In that book you are introduced to many central people of faith, one of which is Issac. The text this morning states that "Issac lived near Beer Lahai Roi." What does that mean to you? First, Beer Lahai Roi is a water well. In reading the Bible you will discover that Hagar found deliverance there. You will also find that Ishmael drunk from the water revealed to him by God that was there. For each of them they had a casual relationship with God that was at the point of their need.

Many people seek God when they find themselves at a point of need, in times of trouble, or difficulty. What God wants is what Issac understood. Issac lived there, and made the well of God the source of his living and the constant source of his supply. It was at Beer Lahai Roi that he met Rebecca and his love for her made him know that this was home. At God's well, Issac enjoyed the fellowship of God made hallowed by God's love for him.

My prayer is that you learn to abide near the well spring of God. That you learn the delightful, comforting, unfailing, springing up of God's eternal life. Happiness and joy is knowing that you are experiencing the abundant life God promised. It is when you live there Him that you live life abundantly.

Happy is the person who lives near a well that never runs dry. There is joy in knowing that God is the constant source of your supply. It is through God that we live, move and have our being. Let us live near him and may He keep you in so close a fellowship that you never leave, but always live by the well of the Living God.


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