Rev. Jesse Jackson in Baltimore

Posted by Unknown Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just left a meeting with Rev. Jesse Jackson hosted by my friend and colleague, Rev. Dr. S. Todd Yeary, Pastor, Douglas Memorial Community Church. Rev. Jackson raised the questions, "why do we need permission to call a meeting to deal with the issues that impact us?" and "when will we stop advocating and begin fighting for the concerns that impact us?"

His many years of work within the Civil Rights field brings a tremendous amount of creditability to his message. His national network of persons who he has known over the years provides a connecting link to each of us.

He asked the question, "For all of the controversy you have heard coming from Wisconsin, are you aware of the State Senator from Madison who is refusing to attend the session whose purpose is to take rights from the workers?" He then called her on the phone for us to talk to her, as a part of the meeting.

I appreciate the message of Rev. Jesse Jackson. My question is the same as his, "do we need permission to call a meeting of leaders who feel the pain of people and are ready to take action?"


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