Temptation can get even you!

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Lead us not into temptation." Luke 11:4

Yesterday, I participated in an interview with Jane Miller. She is known throughout Baltimore as an investigative reporter for WBAL TV11 news. The purpose of the interview was to discuss the upcoming hearing on the State Center in a suit filed by Downtown Baltimore Business owners.

As Ms Miller entered into the conference room, she exclaimed that 17 Baltimore City Police Officers had just been arrested by the FBI. In fact it turned out to be 30 Baltimore City Police Officers charged with corruption.

My personal emotions ran from dismay to "we told you so." After that fleeting moment, I thought how easy it is to slip into sin.

I also thought that Jesus offered in his model prayer that we all should pray that we are not led into temptation.

My focus shifted from the plight of the police officers to the everyday situations that confront us all.

Opportunities that are presented to us to cut corners. Moments of weakness when we accept something we did not earn. Thoughts that plagues us when we think that we got over and nobody knows what actually happened. Times when we perceived that no one was looking.

Small sins and little indiscretions have a way of snowballing onto the front page of local gossip and grapevine news.

One thing is true, "you cannot make a success out of sin."

One could easily point the finger at the police officers that were arrested and charged for their corruption. My fear is that every one of us who is without sin, "are you prepared to throw the first stone?"

We should demand and expect honesty at all level of public service.

God demands and expects of us integrity in all aspects of our lives.

While accepting only $300 per car for sending them to a towing locations seems like a small thing. Sin in any from is a bad thing and is displeasing in God's sight. And in this case the actions were criminally a violation of the law and the public's trust.

My prayer for each one of you is that you resist being led into temptation in any form or matter.


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