How to have Plenty!

Posted by Unknown Thursday, February 10, 2011

Philippians 4: 12, "I know what it is to have plenty." (NIV)

There are many who know "how to be in need," but have you learned "how to have plenty." Too many people when they find themselves on the pinnacle of success become dizzy and disoriented and as a result experience terrible and swift falls. Current news events chronicles the life stories of persons whose meteor flew swiftly across the sky, only to burn out by the rapidness of the flight and the inability to sustain its momentum.

Paul in his letter to the church at Phillipa shares a significant word that is sometimes overlooked, "Do you know who to handle plenty?" The crucible of adversity is less serve of a trial for people of faith, than the refining experience of prosperity. Abundant grace should enable you to bear prosperity abundantly. Have you learned the lesson of being content in times of lack and plenty? In times of plenty one has to deal with a false sense of pride and entitlement. In times of plenty one has to deal with the illusion that you made it by yourself. In times of plenty one has to deal with forgetfulness of God's goodness, grace and mercy. We must be mindful that in our prayers, we ask God to teach us how to understand the blessing of plenty. When you learn that lesson God will bless you with all that is good and you will enjoy the richness of a life of plenty.


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