On Being Born Again

Posted by Unknown Monday, February 28, 2011

"You must be born again." John 3: 7

Deep within everyone must be a desire to change. Change that transforms one's nature, renews one's heart, and infuses within you a sense of purpose.

This is being born again. When you become a new person in Jesus Christ.

Only God can make a corpse come alive, while man can do no more than to wash and dress that which is dead.

Spiritually, unless the Spirit of the Living God fall fresh on you; you are indeed dead to the things of God and the movement of His Holy Spirit. It is when one is not able to live unless the Spirit of the Living God lives in them, has one become born again.

It is more than a change of position. It is a total change in attitude. It is a total change of perspective. It is a total change of direction.

It is renouncing your own will and committing yourself to God's will and God's way.

Do you want to be born again? Do you want to experience the blessing of knowing that all that you do is pleasing in God's sight?

I pray that you answer is, "Yes, Lord!"


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