Do You Need a Counselor?

Posted by Unknown Sunday, February 13, 2011

"He will give your another Counselor to be with you forever." John 14:15

Where do you go to get advice? Who do you turn to when life imposes upon your questions that need answering from someone with wisdom greater than your own?

Jesus has confided that His Spirit is the Counselor that will be available to you. He is Immanuel - God with us, dwelling in and with His people. He provides to you help and comfort.

Do you always look up to Him both for your inner life and your outward service with the respectful dependence which is fitting? Don't you to often run before His call and act independently of His aid?

Let's humble ourselves this morning for past neglects, and now ask the heavenly dew to rest upon us, the sacred oil to anoint us, the celestial frame to burn within us. The Holy Spirit is not a temporary gift. He does not grow weary of us, but awaits to be gracious still.


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