Postal Service on the decline

Posted by Unknown Monday, March 22, 2010

Any way you look at the proposed changes in the Postal Service, they will affect those who most can least afford it. Data has concluded that families who earn less than $30,000 per year do not have Internet access. As a result they are in able to email, text, or transmit information electronically. Those family depend upon the Post Office for their mail service. Likewise, persons without permanent addresses use their Post Office Box as a receptacle for their mail. With the proposed closes of the Post Offices on Saturdays, their access to their mail will be restricted. Furthermore, with the decrease in hours the result will be lay-offs of personnel. Post Office positions were viewed as favorable jobs in many sectors of the community. For persons to lose these well paying jobs will wreck havoc in certain segments. By creating a quasi-public agency in the Post Office instead of it being a service of government has been a disappointing experience in privatization. Unfortunately, we have to live with the system we have which will give us less in terms of service, but require more in terms of costs.


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