Posted by Unknown Monday, March 8, 2010

Congratulations to Mo'Nique on winning an Oscar for best supporting actress. I believe she is the first Baltimore area persons to win such an award. On the left is a picture from her early days when she was a small town attraction. Now, she is on the big screen, television screen, and on jet set scene. There is a lot of sacrifice that one must make to chase their dream. Tinsel town is full of dreams deferred. I pray that Mo'Nique develops a deeper sense of purpose and being. It would be tragic that one accomplishes so much, yet lives as a tortured soul. I pray for stability in her relationships. It is difficult to move through life with an entourage, and yet be alone. I pray that she maintains an ability to laugh, just as she has made the world laugh through her routines. Finally, I pray that she acquires the clout to demand roles of her choosing and rise above a stereo-typical image created by Hollywood.


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