Maryland State Senator Nathaniel McFadden

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I had the most amazing experience today after I shared my prayer as the Maryland State Senate Chaplin for the day. Instead of leaving after the prayer as many clergy persons do, I say on the podium with the President of the Maryland Senate Mike Miller. He is a master at navigating legislation through that body. Given his cultural perspective he seeks to be fair in his dealings. No one is perfect. Nor should we except him to be on the right side of every issue we support; but he is disposed to listen and to weight the options he has available. I have shared the podium with him for four consecutive years during the month of March as the session is winding down.

Today, I witnessed him leaving his Chair as President to attend to some personal affairs. While he was away, Senator Nathaniel McFadden to over the seat and presided over the Senate. Wow! As the Speaker Pro Temp he is next in line in leadership and has quietly over the years been groomed for this awesome position. I marveled as he was able to call each of his colleagues by name. I was impressed with his ability to move the vote on matters and delegate important matters to their appropriate committees for review.

This humble man from East Baltimore and Baltimore City College is one of the most powerful men in the State of Maryland. In his position when the time comes to reconcile the budget he is one of five persons in the room who makes the final decision.

I commend State Senator Nathaniel McFadden for his standing within this body and his commitment to the Citizens of Maryland and Baltimore City.


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