Avery Brooks

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 4, 2010

In just a few more days a fantastic play at the Centerstage will end. "Let There Be Love" stars Avery Brooks and its playing in downtown Baltimore. He played "Hawk" in Spencer for Hire and then in a show named for the character. He played in Star Trek. And, now he is live and in person in Baltimore. I saw the play on opening night; during a break in the snow storm. It was a way for my wife and I to break the cabin fever we were experiencing. It was a delightful evening and a wonderful play. I talked with the writer and producer of the play. I talked with one of the female actors who was walking to her apartment after the show. Centerstage is one of our hidden treasures and is a place I urge everyone to support. "Let There Be Love" is a play I highly recommend that you not miss right in our backyard. Hint: when I talked with the producer he indicated that its playing in Baltimore as a test before they take it to New York and California. In the world of theater we have the opportunity to see it first.


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