Don't Short President Obama

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just finished reading this wonderful article entitled, "Don't Short Obama: Why political futures markets got the health care bill so wrong" by Daniel Gross. What is wonderful about the article is that Mr. Gross presents convincing evidence that our President plays chess all the way to the end game. Many of his opponents think that he only had a strong opening. (In chess parlance the game is played in three parts: opening, middle, and end.) They thought that he was lucky to just get into the office. They don't realize that the is playing to win for the American people in the end. By every indicator the economy is turning around. Prior to his being in office the Dow was hovering around 8,000 and now it is robustly moving well beyond 10,000. Manufacturers of parts for computers that are installed in every product from digital televisions to digitally run vehicles are running over capacity and still unable to meet demand. In other words demand is greater than supply, an obvious sign of a robust economy. Universal health care is the law of the land in spite of all those who lobbied, rallied, and fought against it. Some media outlets would have you think that the opponents where the majority, but they really where the rouge minority. President Obama once said that, "this is what change looks like." To some it may look ugly, but to those 32 million people who will now have health care - it looks oh so sweet!" The opponents will never learn that you cannot take President Obama for granted. He is the one!


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