Morning, Sunday, March 21, 2010

Posted by Unknown Sunday, March 21, 2010

God our Father, we thank You for the victory we have in the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In this world that threat of danger, the futility of defeat, and the subtlety of Satan always abounds. Forgive us when we take our eyes off the Cross. Forgive us when we fail to comprehend the awesomeness of Christ's victory over sin and death. We are more than conquerors through Christ that lives in us. Fro that we humble ourselves and pray earnestly to You. You are the Alpha and Omega. You are more than life to me. You surround me and all I love with Your comforting peace. You are the King of Kings. Inject into us an abounding love that knows no limits. Create within each of us hearts that bless others. Foster within our community an expectancy of Your triumphant return. To You we pray, to You we come, and in You we will stay. Now and Forever more. Amen

April 12, 2009

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  1. Awesome-Victory in the name of the RISEN ONE-who lives now & Forevermore-WHO sits HIGH but LOOKS low to Be concerned about each aspect of OUR lives... THANK YOU!


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