MSU vs WVU in NCAA First Round

Posted by Unknown Monday, March 15, 2010

Who do I cheer for on Friday when Morgan State University meets West Virginia University in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Championship?

On May 16, 2009 my daughter graduated from Morgan State University and my son graduated from West Virginia University.

Because of WVU's television exposure I have followed their season this year. They are an awesome team - the Big East Champions. Meanwhile, MSU - the MEAC Champions - receives virtually no television exposure and as a result I have not seen them play.

Do I sit on my hands and show no expression? Or, do I cheer for good basketball plays? I'm not one to sit on the fence. Therefore, MSU enjoy the experience against a Big East powerhouse and play to your highest potential. When I was young there was a song about a little engine who sung, "I believe I can, I believe I can." That's the attitude you will need to take into this game, believing that you can beat WVU. On the other hand, the talent, the tenacity, and the teamwork of WVU will probably prove too much for MSU.


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