Morning, Thursday, March 25, 2010

Posted by Unknown Thursday, March 25, 2010

When I am in trouble, stand me by me. When I am old and feeble, stand by me. When I am being tossed upon the sea and the world doesn't seem to care, You are the Master of wind and water, stand by me. In the midst of life's faults and failures, stand by me. Dear God, my earnest prayer is that You continue to be my anchor in the midst of life's storms. I pray for the power of Your presence to end life's diseases. I know that You are able to end life's calamities. Allow me to touch the him of Your garment and become whole again. Bless us with the presence of Your peace as I wrestle in life with life. I thank You for my Friend, Savior and Redeemer - Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus, life is worth living because He lives in my heart, my mind, and my spirit. For that I give Thee all praise and honor, Amen.

May 31, 2009


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