O'Malley versus Ehrlich Rematch

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 26, 2010

Does it really make a difference to you which person is Governor of Maryland: Robert Ehrlich or Martin O'Malley? Well it beginning to look like a rematch is in play. In this case we will be able to compare records of service for four years as the Governor. The contest will be personal and profitable for those who are in the business of electioneering. Some polls have O'Malley winning 60% to 40%. Ehrlich's polling suggests that he wins 51% to 49%. What I do know is that the African American community will play a major role in this election. I also know that Prince George's County will be solidly in the mix. What I do know is if their is something you want from Governor O'Malley, now will be the time to ask.


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