Bishop John R. Bryant

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our own Bishop John R. Bryant is the Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. As the lead representative of his denomination, Bishop Bryant joining in a collective manner with the African American Methodist denominations agreement to work together brings considerable clout and creditability. The AME, AMEZ and CME denominations have a responsibility to work together as religious leaders in our country and with their local churches within our communities. It's tragic to witness the inability for religious leaders to work together in a communal way at the local level. It is time that our national religious leaders provide the example for collective action to address the pressing needs of our day. The issues surrounding African American Males is a good place to begin. As I Pastor of a local congregation I'm ready to join in any serious effort to address this issue that has national and international ramifications. I will admit that I am excited to witness this particular collection of religious leaders from the Methodist faith. They have a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that should break through historical barriers that have plagued the Methodist Denominations over the years. Taking 45 years to come together is a long time. Let's pray that they will stay engaged with one another for at least the next 45 years. Is so, we are on our way to the Promised Land.


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