The Source of Your Strength

Posted by Unknown Thursday, December 5, 2013

"God is the one who provides our strength, not only to cope with the demands of the day, but also to rise above them. May we look to Him for the strength to soar." by Jim Gallery

Reflecting today about the source of one's strength to soar. There are moments in life when you spiritually need to spout wings and fly about the issues of the moment.

Birds appear to display this unique gift from God to avoid danger on the ground by lifting their wings and fly to a higher level, far from danger and securely positioned in the air.

How marvelous would it be to be able to flee or avoid danger by flying above it and being suspended in the air, soaring and gliding, getting a bird's eye view of your problem. From the air your perspective changes, from the air problems are reduced to specks on the ground, and from the air the space around you is cleared of all obstructions. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could spout wings and mount the wind currents of the sky and soar above the issues of the day?

I've discovered the amazing ability to imagine great things God is able to do in one's life. Divine inspiration is capable of transporting you to places far removed from a linear plane. Divine revelation is able to pierce your cloudy day and expose you to the sunshine of God's presence. Divine meditation is able to lift your mind's eye to God's timberline where your perspective rises above and your spirit soars above the pettiness of life and the triviality of this moral existence and you feel the reality of the eternal.

Beware of the tendency to be trapped into a fleshly existence, when you should be living a spiritual existence.

In John 3: 1-8 (KJV) you discover a conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. In that conversation Jesus discloses that some things in life are strictly spiritual and can only be understood in a spiritual way.

Likewise, when you learn to appreciate and come to understand the source of your strength is God, you will be able to mount up on wings of eagles and soar above the mundane and experience the sublime.



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