Back To Back

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In the Baltimore area we have experienced back to back snow episodes. This could be called piling on. Piling on is when you have not fully recovered from one experience and another similar experience happens. Depending upon the experience, it could be called, "double the pleasure, double the fun, or double the trouble."

For me the snow is a pleasant experience, it changes the nature of the household from a bee hive into a sanctuary. It gives everyone the opportunity to pause and interact with one another for an extended period of time. It makes every morsel of food special because you can only eat what you have and you definitely don't waste any food during a snow episode.

On a spiritual level I love knowing that God is able to send you back to back experiences. He does it everyday. He sends you back to back blessing, that we sometimes take for granted. He sends you back to back grace, that gives your strength for the journey. He sends you back to back forgiveness, that gives your another chance to approach the mercy seat.

I thank God for back to back episodes because he demonstrates to us over and over again that He is God!



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