Going Out in The Snow

Posted by Unknown Monday, December 9, 2013

It snowed on Sunday while we were in worship. Our service was spirit filled but everyone was concerned about their travel home. Fortunately, our members made it home safely. They most likely watched an exciting Ravens and Vikings game. The Ravens won with a few minutes remaining on the clock.

Today I peeked out the window to see the condition of the streets. From my vantage point it looked pretty hazardous. I live on a side street. The salt truck came out, but its not plowed.

It is interesting to note, that how life is, from your vantage point it may look dreary. Cold chills in the air, ice on the streets, and snow everywhere.

But, once I went out and cleaned off the car, started my engine and ran some errands; I discovered the streets were relatively clean. The temperature was modestly nice. It was a great day when I went out in what I thought was a snowy day.

Isn't that how life is, your situation may seem dreary, but if you move from your place, you discover the peace God has in store for you just around the corner.



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