Christmas Eve

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 24, 2013

As one gets older the traditions you create have a lasting meaning. Anticipating Christmas Day as an event were one receives gifts dulls in the context of the economy and the costs associated with those gifts.

How do you place the Christmas Day in its proper context is largely determined by what you are doing on Christmas Eve and how you feel today? Are you satisfied with who you are, where you are and whose you are? Are you feeling inadequate because of what you don't have, wasn't able to give or what you know you will not receive? Is more emphasis place upon what something costs over and against what the meaning is from who gave the gift?

One year I made a wooden plaque and gave it to my mother for Christmas. She displayed such joy because I was able to give something I thought about, something I made, and something I could afford. I love my mother and the gift I gave her was all I had and it was full of love for her.

That's what Christmas Eve should be about the love you have for others and your willingness to share that love with them. We are in a cynical time in our culture and history. We place more emphasis on things than on people and relationships.

Make this Christmas a time for healthy and loving relationship with God in the center, you will discover that things really don't matter. Enjoy Christmas Eve by creating a tradition that will stand the test of time: bake cookies, decorate the tree, write hand made greeting cards, or visit Union Baptist Church and share in the experience of the Youth of Union on Christmas Eve. The experience will warm your heart and prepare you for the anticipation of Christmas Day, the Day Jesus Christ enters once again into your life with His love!



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