Honoring Our Seniors

Posted by Unknown Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another reflection from the Nelson Mandela Memorial Services was the honor and respect given to this senior statesman. We should always honor our seniors.

Dr. Howard Thurman shares this thought,"We remember the old people. Those whose fires have been banked, and who sit in their solitariness, some with minds broken by the hardness of their days, who cannot be comforted by the memories of other times; some who at this season of the year hunger and thirst for the love of their children, and find it not; some who live in homes for the aged, surrounded by those of their kind, who huddle together, hoping that in the warmth of each other's personality and spirit they might find strength sufficient for another day."

I share this thought. "May we never forget the sacrifice and contributions of our seniors to our development and well being. They withstood the assaults on their personhood to usher us into a brighter day. They worked tirelessly at jobs without given proper respect to teach us the value of a hard days work. Oh how proud we are for their steadfastness and their belief in the provisions of God. They taught us the power of prayer in the midst of life's storms. They translated the word dignity into a characteristic we should aspire to. They invested wisely in the next generation knowing God would make a way somehow. They were thrifty and taught us the value of saving for a raining day. Now its our time to provide strength to them for their journey. It's our time to be their comfort and companion. It's our time to tell them stories, share jokes, and cook and clean for them. It's our time to tabernacle with them as they tabernacled with us. It's our time to be respectful of the awesome love they shared. It's our time to make them proud by showing them the gratitude they have rightfully earned. May we never forget to honor our seniors. They have been faithful in service to all of us."



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